We Are Not Just Another Medical Waste Company.

We save you Money by owning our own treatment plants, trucks, & employing our own drivers, from cradle-to-grave we own your medical waste!

Reducing Waste, Risk & Cost!
We own-our-own Processing Plants!

Think about it, everyone who handles your waste makes a cut from you.

With Healthcare Waste Management, there is no 'middle-man' thus, saving you money. We own the trucks that come to your facility, we employ the drivers that show up at your door and we own the plants that destroy your medical waste.

Million Pounds

Medical Waste Destroyed

Reusable System

Sharps Kept Out Of The Landfill


Documents Destroyed

Healthcare Waste Management Services

From Medical Waste Disposal, Sharps Container Disposal, RCRA Disposal & Document Destruction, We can Help!

biohazard waste

Medical Waste Disposal

We specialize in the removal of biohazardous waste from your hospital, medical office or private business.

We specialize in the removal of biohazardous waste from your hospital, medical office or private practice.

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compliance training

Compliance Training

Bloodborne Pathogens Training, Exposure Control Plans, Required Training, Supplies and Vaccinations.

Healthcare Waste Management is here to answer all of your questions about the training required by your facility.

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sharps container disposal

Sharps Container Disposal

Healthcare Waste Management is the perfect partner to help with your sharps disposal needs.

No customer is too big or small for us to help with your safe disposal of needles and sharps. Contact Us Today!

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pharmaceutical waste

RCRA & Pharma Waste

Pharmaceutical waste disposal is becoming one of the most important aspects of environmental services.

Healthcare Waste Management can help your facility manage all of your RCRA and pharmaceutical waste. Call Today. 

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document destruction

Document Destruction

To stay within compliance of the increased government regulations, we provide secure paper shredding for your facility or business.

Our drivers come to your location to set you up with secure locking cabinets or large document carts for safe storage until removal.

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biohazard waste

Biohazard Supplies

From Biohazard, Boxes & Bins to our replacement sharps container program. We have everything you will need. 

In an effort to help our customers better utilize their time, we offer direct supplies delivery at the same time as scheduled services.

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We own our own treatment plants, eliminating another 'middle-man'.

We Are a Better Solution!

We handle your waste from the moment it leaves your facility to when it is destroyed by our facility. Our trucks & our employees will pick up your waste, our disposal plant & employees will process your waste and we will send you a manifest when it is destroyed.

From start to finish we are the only company that handles your waste. That is not always the case in this business. Ask any potential medical waste company these three important questions.

  1. Is it your direct employees that will pick up my waste?
  2. Do you own the trucks that will haul my waste?
  3. Do you own the processing plants that will destroy my waste?

In anything the more 'middle men' involved, the more it will cost, everyone is getting a cut from your bill, raising your cost.

With us, there are no 'middle men' we are the haulers, the storage plant and the processing plant.

Three Questions To Ask Before Signing a Contract

  • Do you own the trucks that will come to my location?

The only answer is YES, any other answer or side step will cost you more money. If they do not own the trucks coming to your office, that means there is another 'middle-man'.

  • Is it your direct employees that will be picking up my waste?

A hard Yes, is the only answer. Any other pre-pattened answer is going to cost you more. It all just means one company is paying another company to pick up the waste. Why not just pay the company that actually picks up the waste and cut out the 'middle-man'.

  • Do you own the treatment plants that will destroy my waste?

If they don't directly treat the waste with their own processing plants, that means they are paying another company to treat it, all off of your dime.

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Organizations We Serve
Hospital medical waste


From large national Hospitals to local Hospitals. We can process all of your waste streams. Medical, RCRA, Chemotherapy & more.


Practice Groups

Some of the biggest savings opportunities come from practice groups. The best part is it doesn't matter if you have a small or large practice group.


Doctors Offices

Dentist, General Practices to Speciality Doctors, we service them all. Call now and let one of our experts provide a free waste stream analysis.

veterinary medical waste


Veterinary offices are similar to doctors' offices in the nature of medical waste they produce. It is not economical for vets to treat this waste on site.

dental medical waste disposal

Dental Practice

Dental practices generate RMW as they treat patients, dental waste comes in many forms from Dental Amalgam to Biohazardous.

long term care medical waste disposal

Long Term Care Clinics

Long term care facilities can include such locations as skilled nursing homes, rehabilitation clinics, assisted living facilities, hospice.


Funeral Homes

Waste that is generated from the embalming process is considered medical waste and must be dealt with according to state and federal laws.


Research Labs

Research labs are held to strict local, state, and federal guidelines for the handling, storage, and disposal of all medical waste.

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