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Biohazard Waste Containers


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Biohazard Waste Containers

Biohazard Waste Containers. There are three major priorities when it comes to the topic of biohazard wastes: containers, staff safety training, and using the right medical waste disposal service. While each of these aspects are integrally tied together, proper biohazard containers is the base for everything else.

To comply with local and state laws as well as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and DOT (Department of Transportation) federal guidelines, biohazard waste containers are required to be tamper-proof, leak-resistant, sealable, puncture-resistant, and spill-proof; most are now reusable.

Biohazard waste includes anything that could be or is infectious to people, animals, the community, or the environment. The material that biohazard waste containers are made from need to stand up to the rigors of being stored, moved, and transported for ultimate safe disposal.

Although the medical industry is responsible for generating a majority of biohazard waste, there are also many businesses and organizations that create the waste, including but not limited to: hospitals, physician offices, funeral homes, pharmacies, research and medical laboratories, dentists, tattoo and body piercing facilities.

Biohazard waste containers are required to be tamper-proof, leak-resistant, sealable, puncture-resistant, and spill-proof.

Biohazard Sharps Containers

Capacity: Various Sizes
Dimensions: Call For Your Needs


33 Gallon Medical Waste Box

Capacity: 33 Gallon/125 Liter
Dimensions: 18″ w x 18″ d x 24″ h

200 Gallon Medical Waste Container

Capacity: 200 Gallon/757 Liter
Dimensions: 49.5″ w x 30.2″ d x 51″ h

31 Gallon Medical Waste Container

Capacity: 31 Gallon/117.35 Liter
Dimensions: 24″ w x 20″ d x 20″ h

28 Gallon Medical Waste Container

Capacity: 28 Gallon/106 Liter
Dimensions: 19″ w x 19″ d x 21″ h
( right container )

43 Gallon Medical Waste Container

Capacity: 43 Gallon/162.77 Liter
Dimensions: 24″ w x 20″ d x 29″ h

Container Types:

The containers must be rigid with the ability to be completely sealed and should be made of high-density polyethylene to ensure complete safety. The best containers are those that have reinforced side and front walls so that the containers remain in their original condition and don’t tip during transportation and relocation.

The proper container type is based on both the medical waste and the amount. Different containers are used for: medical waste, sharps, hazardous waste, amalgam, and pharmaceutical waste.  Containers are available in a variety of sizes for small to large quantities of waste; each one has the biohazard waste label to ensure easy identification.

Any biohazard waste that contains any form of liquid as well as those that fall into the “sharps” category is required to be placed in a leak-proof, puncture-resistant bag that is inside the containers. These bags need to be able to be tied off so that the container can be completely sealed.

Healthcare Waste Management Takes it to the Next Level

At Healthcare Waste Management we take medical waste to an improved level, beginning with training options for staff and employees and continuing to offering even better choices for waste containers.  The containers that we supply to our customers offer an extra layer of protection with the roll-over lid closure. This assists in reducing potential exposure while offering an easy method to get rid of and then close the containers.

Extra Safety for Sharps:

Even when taking extra precautions, there are thousands of sharps accidents every year. Our containers are made from puncture resistant plastic with an upper area of the container for the sharps object then simply rolling the lid or lever so that the sharp object safely drops into the container. This extra level helps to keep hands away from the contaminated sharps.

Rolling or Stackable Containers:

The Healthcare Waste Management staff guides our clients through the process of choosing the containers that work best for them.  We offer rolling containers for those with smaller biohazard waste needs as well as sturdy containers that can be stacked for pickup by our licensed and trained in-house drivers.

We take pride in being able to offer medical waste disposal services that are a step above the rest.

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