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Biohazard Waste – Know Where to Throw

October 25, 2020

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Biohazard Waste – Know Where to Throw

Biohazard Waste, Know Where to Throw. Biohazardous waste is some of the most dangerous waste generated, with the potential to infect people, animals, the community, and the ecology. Biohazardous waste is defined as any material that contains potentially infectious waste. Handling and disposal of this waste is critical so that infection and contamination isn’t spread. The federal government, along with local and state governments, have established specific guidelines on proper handling and disposal of biohazardous waste. Compliance with the rules allows the waste to become non-infectious and eliminates the potential for danger with the ultimate goal of depositing the ash and remaining harmless waste in appropriate landfills.

While we might assume that this type of waste occurs only in medical facilities, there are a number of businesses and organizations that have contact with biohazardous waste. These can include but are not limited to: hospitals, clinics, physician’s offices, dentists, veterinarians, coroners, funeral homes, research labs, tattoo parlors, and body piercing businesses. Identifying the types of biohazardous waste is a first step in compliance with the laws.

Types of biohazardous waste can include, but are not limited to:

Processes to Render Non-Infectious

In 1988 The U.S. Congress enacted the Medical Waste Tracking Act that created studies to analyze and assess disposal of medical waste. The results of the study indicated that wastes from sharps made up the greatest amount of medical wastes, with blood and body fluids coming in as the next highest volume. Federal and state guidelines were established for identification, handling, labeling, storage, transportation, and rendering the waste harmless so that it could be disposed of.

Biohazard Waste, Know Where to Throw.

There are a number of methods established to remove the dangers of biohazardous waste:

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