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The Best Biohazard Waste Disposal Company for Your Needs

November 3, 2021

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The Best Biohazard Waste Disposal Company for Your Needs

The Best Biohazard Waste Disposal Company for Your Needs. Did you know that a lot of businesses in the U.S. have biohazardous waste? It’s also important to remember that the volume of this kind of waste is increasing each year due to increased healthcare services and pandemics.

The disposal process for this type of waste needs to be handled by a professional company with proper training and equipment. This way, your risk is reduced so you can focus on your business. Here are some ways that our Biohazard Waste Disposal Company can help you today!

Healthcare Waste Management is a full-service Biohazard Waste Disposal service. We are a professional company that employs our own licensed, trained, and certified staff and drivers. We take responsibility by ownership of all our trucks and the facilities that the waste will be transported to and destroyed. Our employees ensure that our healthcare clients have complete documentation confirming that their medical waste has been destroyed. We take pride in maintaining up-to-date information on all changes within the industry.

At Healthcare Waste Management we are one of a few companies in the industry that own the entire process from start to finish, meaning we own the trucks, we directly employ the drivers / handlers, and we destroy the waste at our processing plants with our employees.

When a company does not own the entire process, that means they are paying some other company to, for example, destroy the waste. As with any process, the more hands involved in the process, the greater the risk, the more hands involved in the process, the greater the cost. No one is handling your medical or biohazard waste for free.

Shredding Services

Aside from owning your biohazard waste from start to finish, we also provide ancillary services to healthcare facilities and more. Including Document Destruction, Product Destruction, Secure Paper Shredding, Hard Drive Destruction, X-Ray Card Destruction.

With our shredding services we take Secure Document Destruction seriously. Our drivers arrive at your business location and set your organization up with secure locking cabinets or large document carts for safe storage of your documents and hard drives until they are removed. We work with you to create a schedule that allows our certified professionals to arrive and remove the documents for secure shredding at our own treatment facility. We assume full responsibility for the safety and protection of your documents the moment that we pick them up and guarantee their destruction. We only use our own drivers and staff and will never send a third-party vendor to remove your documents.

We use of state-of-the-art shredding technology known as “piece and tear” shredding. This is the most secure method of document shredding. The process renders the documents into indistinguishable pieces, where no two pieces are the same. We make things easy for our clients as they can dump their documents, hard drives, thumb drives into the secure bins for destruction.

Compliance Training

Our online compliance training portal makes it easy to manage and maintain proper training for all staff. Most State EPA fines concerning medical waste are from lack of proper training for staff vs. a willful intent of improper handling or disposal of regulated waste.

Our compliance portal includes, training required by employee, SDS and MSDS sheets, Certificates, example exposure control plans and more. Contact us today with any questions concerning our services or a fast free quote! 888-427-5797

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