Countdown to Earth Day: Buy Local

Join us as we countdown to Earth Day, take action, buy local!

Did you know that produce starts losing its nutrients as soon as it is harvested? If you’re buying produce from a grocery store chain it is very likely that by the time you buy, it has already lost almost half of its original nutrients. Also taking into consideration that the average shelf life of most produce is about seven days, those “fresh” fruits and vegetables aren’t as fresh as you might have thought. There is a sense of peace knowing where your food is coming from, especially when that food is feeding your loved ones. So, buying local is the definitely the healthiest option out there but that’s not the only reason to commit to do so.

Buying local is a great way to support a clean environment and a strong economy. By doing this, you are supporting a family farm, not earth daybig business. A well-managed indigenous farm values natural resources, clean water, and fertile soil. Additionally, locally
owned farms and businesses have less of an environmental impact overall, as they reuse their resources in an effort to keep costs and environmental effects low.

At Healthcare Waste Management, it is our mission to help you reduce waste, risk, and cost when it comes to your medical waste. When you buy local, you’re doing the same thing for your community, farmers and business owners. When you are invested in the community you live in, you will likely take notice of other things that matter including local jobs. Consumers who make a commitment to buying local can help create and sustain jobs all while contributing to a stronger community, cleaner environment, and healthier eating.

Join us as we countdown to Earth Day 2017, and commit to buy local!