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5 Tips for Healthcare Compliance Training Your Employees

September 8, 2021

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5 Tips for Healthcare Compliance Training Your Employees

5 Tips for Healthcare Compliance Training Your Employees. With the ever-changing regulation of healthcare, it’s more important than ever to train your employees on the best practices for compliance. Training is one of the most effective methods for educating people on standards and guidelines that are mandated by law. It also reduces the chances of getting audited. If you’re new to compliance training or just want to refresh your memory, here are 5 tips that can help you get started.

Healthcare Compliance Training

Create a Culture of Compliance.

A culture of compliance can be created in many ways. Signs, Posters, Reminders are just a few ways. Another way is to talk about it frequently in formal or casual conversation. You can also remind people what they must do to stay compliant. A simple reminder of the healthcare regulations will help keep them on track.

Train Front-line Employees

You should train employees who handle patient data and documents. However, it’s a good idea to not only train people who are directly involved with patient care. Consider those who answer phone calls or are in charge of filing paperwork, as well as those who work with the physicians and other staff. You can do this by creating seminars, presentations, training videos, and interactive activities.

Train Your Team on Best Practices

The first step in ensuring your organization stays compliant is training. Whether your team is new to the field or has been in the industry for years, compliance training must be ongoing and mandatory. So, when you have time during the week, do an audit of your employee handbooks. Make sure your company policy outlines how employees are expected to adhere to the appropriate guidelines. Remember to review your company’s conduct policy and employee handbook as well, as you’re training your employees.

Training Resources

The most effective way to reach and teach your employees is to use training resources that are relevant and easy to learn. All your training materials must be as up to date as possible, and some may require updated or additional information to stay compliant. With our online compliance training program, we update the compliance regulation training required as they become available. 

Create a Plan for Effective Training

Every type of compliance training requires different skill sets, like computer and mobile device instruction, project management skills, and project training. It’s important to create an individualized training plan that not only trains your employees on the basics of their jobs but also teaches them how to deal with compliance-related issues. Employees will never be compliant if they don’t know what the compliance rules are. Your training plan should give your employees the materials they need to learn the basics of these processes. You can also give them several options of how to conduct these training sessions.

Our Compliance Training Program

With our online compliance training program, it provides much more than just training, it is a portal to access all your required compliance documents from MSDS sheets, Exposure Control Plans, and record keeping of each employee/departments training completed and required. It is also a central depository incase of an audit, no more big three ring binders, you will have easy access from anywhere with an internet connection.

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