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5 Types of Training that Every Employee Should Take

July 16, 2021

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5 Types of Training that Every Employee Should Take

5 Types of Training that Every Employee Should Take. Safety & Compliance Training. Making an investment in employee training brings an incredible volume of benefits for the company and staff. This is an area that some organizations overlook, and the statistics show that that training can be one of their best assets.

5 Types of Training that Every Employee Should Take. The need for employee training goes beyond the new hire. As requirements for a company changes existing staff need to be updated in new technologies, methods, and demands of the company landscape. There are five divisions of staff training that the employer should be aware of so that they can maintain a competitive edge and keep their valuable employees in an engaging and meaningful way. In today’s business world there are a variety of interesting and imaginative methods to use for employee training that can help to accomplish these goals.


This type of training moves the “welcome” message to a more updated version that is more personal. Typically, human resources and supervisors/managers have an orientation session with the members of their new staff that offer helpful information such as the corporate culture, the mission of the company, the structure of the organization, individual roles, and goals of departments.  This form of training is an introduction, allowing a new employee to become more familiar with the company and department-specific training. Larger businesses will often use online training tools with live question and answer sessions. For those that have multiple locations, webinar services can bring together new staff so that all can match faces with voices.

Technical Training

Technology moves as lightning speed and the demand to have staff kept up to date continues to be a challenge. In the past, technical training often required travel to a single source location for days and weeks devoted to crash courses. Online training has now replaced those costly endeavors, with convenient classes that bring the same knowledgeable instructors and cloud-based resources. Each employee has the same option of learning, growing, and maintaining the skills needed to be successful in their jobs, while streamlining the process so that there is individually optimized information.

Soft Skills Training

Soft skills training has been elevated in importance in the last few years as it involves the interpersonal skills that can create success. The training addresses the methods that staff communicate with customers, co-workers, and management so that they can be more efficient as well as appealing. Every staff member can benefit so that they understand the appropriate ways of communication that can achieve the best results.

Product/Service Training

New employees should be given an initial introduction for the company products and services as part of their onboard training. However, as the company grows and changes, existing staff should be offered refresher course for new product launches, services that are being provided, branding, competition, and alterations in division or department responsibilities.

Mandatory Training

There are now many local, state, and federal laws that require mandatory or “compliance training” to accommodate the regulations for various positions. Compliance training can run a gamut from workplace safety to employee rights and there are audits that demand proof of this type of training. Many of the courses are now available in online formats that can be conveniently scheduled to educate employees while reducing the costs of training.

Healthcare Waste Management has an array of online training courses available for our customers that are approved and offer the ability for supervisor monitoring. Each employee will receive a certificate of completion for various training classes and the company will have proof of training for any compliance requirements.

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