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Compliance Training Examples

May 19, 2021

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Compliance Training Examples

Compliance Training Examples. The goal of compliance training includes the creation of awareness and preparation of staff to handle themselves confidently in all situations within their job safely so that their well-being is not put at risk. Compliance training also addresses the legal aspects in protecting an organization and the reputation if there is an accident or incident. In some cases, compliance training is also specific to understanding company rules and regulations.

Depending upon the industry, compliance training can be a state/federal requirement to ensure that employees understand each aspect of dealing with their job-specific duties in a safe and secure manner. Each staff member will receive compliance training that is relevant to their duties, exposure to danger, and environment.

Importance of Compliance Training

In many cases compliance training is a requirement for all employees as it validates and protects a company’s policies, values, and legal commitments. Compliance training is a priority so that employees and company are protected from accidents and injuries by training the staff to see and understand actions and reactions within their job duties. There are now various state and federal laws that require specific types of training based on job type and potential exposure to hazardous or dangerous conditions within the workplace. The training is required in many organizations so that they can obtain insurance. Compliance training addresses these situations and includes the conduct required in emergency and exposure incidents.  Compliancy training also establishes a sense of transparency and respect within an organization.

Compliance Training Types

Various industries offer compliance training that is specific and relevant to the employee job duties as well as overall safety training. An individual that works within the technology department may receive training on cyber security whereas someone that has a job stocking in a warehouse may receive jobsite safety training. In other cases compliance training in human resources may be focused on the federal laws and company policies for an equitable employment environment.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has a detailed list of the required compliance training for various industries. Some training may overlap while others are individually specific. Some of the most common topics in compliance training include but are not limited to:

Creating a Positive Compliance Training Environment

While compliance training is a requirement in many industries, there are some things that a company can do to create a more receptive employee attitude. One of the easiest ways is to use an online compliance training program such as those offered by Healthcare Waste Management. These programs are available for staff at their convenience and time and offers certification of completion.

Compliance training can often involve technical and formal information that requires focus and attention. Some of the best compliance training programs are designed to include:

Make sure that a certificate of completion is given to each employee that successfully completes the course.    

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