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Compliance Training for Your Healthcare Facility

April 29, 2021

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Compliance Training for Your Healthcare Facility

Compliance Training for Your Healthcare Facility. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that healthcare facilities supply compliance training to all their staff. There are specific guidelines and information covered depending upon the type of exposure and work involved by the staff member. The training is designed to make employees aware of various hazards, take steps to avoid dangers, and actions to take in case of exposure to potentially hazardous medical situations.  Training occurs prior to hiring and is again required on an annual basis or when the duties of the staff member change.

General Healthcare Employer Compliance Training: The information in this general overview may apply to a variety of healthcare providers and can include but is not limited to:

Additional Healthcare Facility Hazards: Other hazards and safety training that hasn’t been included in the “General” category can include but are not limited to:

Survey and Analyze the Workplace for Additional Hazards: Using an OSHA checklist combined with their Awareness Advisor a healthcare organization can identify and take action on the most common potential hazards in the workplace environment.

Topics for Specific Sectors in Healthcare: Tools and information to address the needs for various healthcare fields:

Develop a Comprehensive Health and Safety Program: Using the OSHA tools a healthcare organization can develop a program that ensures compliance with the OSHA standards and assists in preventing illnesses and injuries in the workplace.

Employee Training: OSHA has specific standards for OSHA-approved training for employees that includes curriculum and information that relate to the job duties and overall safety. Healthcare Waste Management offers OSHA-approved online training for healthcare staff to help our customers.

Recordkeeping, Reporting and Posting: OSHA guidelines include strict rules regarding compliance for employers:

Locating OSHA Compliance Assistance Information: OSHA has many resources that can be used by employers to meet with compliance requirements including:

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