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Compliance Training: The Basics

February 9, 2022

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Compliance Training: The Basics

Compliance Training: The Basics. Training employees to follow a set of procedures or a company’s policies is a common responsibility for managers. But while some companies rely on more traditional methods to get the message across, new technologies are making it easier and more effective than ever before.

Here, we’ll explore how to use compliance training software to train your staff. We’ll cover what makes these programs effective, the different types of software available, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Compliance Training and Why it Matters

Compliance training is a necessary part of running a business. Employees need to be trained on how to follow company policies, procedures and to avoid potential liability from not following state or federal regulations. Training employees, however, is usually a time-consuming process that can lead to frustration if not done correctly.

Compliance training software, on the other hand, is an effective way to manage compliance training that can save you time and money. Compliance training software is automated and uses videos or PDF documents that help simplify information for employees. It also provides a level of consistency because compliance messages are delivered at pre-determined intervals.

What is Compliance Training and What Makes it Effective?

Compliance training is the process of training employees on what they should and shouldn’t do legally and to train them on company policy. There are many reasons why companies have compliance training, including to reduce accidental injuries in the workplace, or to prevent violations of health laws.

Online Compliance Training

With our online compliance portal, managing your compliance needs become a breeze. No more big three ring binders for all your OSHA compliance records. With our portal you will be able to train your staff individually, as a group, track employees training progress, view certificates and annual training requirements by individuals.

Below are just some of the things our compliance portal can do for your facility. Contact Healthcare Waste Management for a complete list or with any questions you may have.

There are many tools in the portal along with the training. For example, there are millions of MSDS or SDS sheets in the system and if you cannot find what you need you can request one be added or upload your own.

For courses that require a certificate of completion like bloodborne pathogens training, one will be provided and stored in the system upon successful completion of the course.

Perform online safety audits, with this tool you will be able to identify compliance deficiencies including any applicable OSHA regulations.

Stay up to date with the most current regulations. You can search, share, and manage all applicable regulations in one easy to use portal. 

Easily create your online safety plans required by OSHA with an easy-to-use step by step plan builder. Some examples include Exposure Control Plans, Hazard Communications, Emergency Preparedness, and Fire Prevention.

ICD-10 code changes. Stay up to date on the latest ICD-10 code changes with an easy-to-use online library you can search and even bookmark often used ICD-10 codes.

Some other benefits of our online training program include.

Start and Stop Your Training Course

If you cannot complete a training course at one time, that’s okay. The training center will remember where you stopped and will continue when you return.

Assign Training

Easily assign any training course to any employee, or groups of employees. When assigned, the training center will send an email to each employee, informing them of their training assignments, and providing a link to automatically log them into their training center.

Track Employee Progress

The administrator can track the progress of each employee, view their training certificates, and even remind them to complete a training course. All online.

Group Training

Train an entire group at one time. Simply select a group of employees and start training. The group will watch the video together, answer the questions together, and then receive an individual training certificate at the end of the training session.

Online Convenience

Employees can take training from their own computer, or handheld device, at their convenience.

If your facility has medical waste disposal, then there is required training that goes along with that in every state. When looking for a compliance training partner it is a good idea to ask if you would get a better deal if you bundled services, medical waste disposal services, compliance training, and shredding services are often all services needed or required by a healthcare facility. Bundling your services with the same vendor often will lead to savings.


OSHA requires employers to provide training to workers who face hazards on the job. Accessed 2-7-22.

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