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Healthcare Compliance Training

October 8, 2021

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Healthcare Compliance Training

Healthcare Compliance Training. Compliance in the healthcare industry involves many complex elements. Beyond ensuring the safety of the patients and public, healthcare professionals must comply with a litany of regulations. It is therefore no surprise that healthcare compliance training has become one of the cornerstones of success so that all staff is knowledgeable on what is expected of them. 

While procedures and policies may seem overwhelming, the legal ramifications for all within the healthcare vertical are critical. Complying with laws through healthcare compliance training will help to protect any organization from fines, penalties, or the devastation of potential loss of business and trust.

Two specific compliance topics that lead the way in the healthcare industry include:

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act:

As one of the most important laws to have passed to protect private patient information, it is extremely specific in the methods of that protection. While the original laws were enacted when most patient data was still in document form, we have progressed to a point where current information is digitally maintained. The constant state of changes that have occurred require that healthcare compliance training keep up with any changes that can affect compliancy.

Addressing the needs that each healthcare organization must prepare for all federal HIPAA audits translates to the need for healthcare compliance training to ensure that all staff and procedures comply with the laws and guidelines set forth.

Training needs to identify and explain in detail the various pieces of HIPAA, HIPPA Tech/Omnibus Rules, Covered Entities, and Business Associates, Security Risk Analysis, Policies and Procedures.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) Compliance

Each state has established individual OSHA guidelines for the protection and safety of the employees of healthcare environments and the public. In the case where a state does not have OSHA compliance standards, the law defaults to those established by the federal government. Healthcare compliance training is a requirement to assure that all established laws are complied with and to address any hazards and conditions that may put staff and/or the public at risk. OSHA guidelines work in conjunction with additional laws established by the Department of Labor and compliance training can identify each as they pertain to the healthcare organization.

Standards have been created to instruct and educate individuals taking healthcare compliance training to inform them of safe procedures, policies and actions. Healthcare compliance training should include:

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