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How to Use the Right Tools to Improve Compliance in Healthcare

November 17, 2021

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How to Use the Right Tools to Improve Compliance in Healthcare

How to Use the Right Tools to Improve Compliance in Healthcare. Failing to comply with regulations can have disastrous consequences. In the healthcare industry, compliance is crucial not only for maintaining quality standards, but for protecting oneself from legal liability. Compliance failures can result in fines, civil penalties, and even criminal sanctions. A 2016 report on healthcare compliance found that more than half of all US hospitals face a high risk of noncompliance with at least one standard.

Understand your Industry’s Compliance Requirements

Compliance requirements vary depending on the industry and the type of business. In healthcare, any professional working in the medical profession is required to follow specific requirements. Anyone who may come in contact with blood or other potentially infectious material is required to have a bloodborne pathogens certificate. Anyone who handles patient data is required to follow HIPAA regulations. Anyone who generates medical waste is required to know how to handle and dispose of that waste in a safe manner. An insurance broker, on the other hand, needs to comply with all state regulations as well any Federal regulations.

Track and Monitor Ongoing Compliance Status

Healthcare organizations should establish and maintain thorough documentation of all changes to their processes and regulatory policies. Doing this not only provides detailed records, but also helps to ensure that compliance is consistent from department to department.

Conduct Regular Audits

Audits play a crucial role in ensuring the compliance status of healthcare organizations. They are a tool that can be used to both track progress and identify issues that need attention. An audit report can provide valuable information regarding the status of an organization’s process, strategies, and practices.

Create a Culture of Compliance

To be compliant with regulations, organizations need to create a culture of compliance. Healthcare executives or the compliance manager should set the tone by communicating these key messages to the management staff, and management staff to the workers. Your organization is dependent on your ability to adhere to these regulations, so it is not okay to violate them or fail to meet the minimum standards.

The cost of noncompliance can be high. Whether it’s a denial of payment for services, loss of patient data, or a block on the network, the consequences of noncompliance are serious.

Policy is important. Make sure that a written policy on how to abide by regulations exists and that all staff members understand it. Make sure that everyone understands the purpose of HIPAA and how it applies to their work.

Train, Educate, and Develop Staff on Policies

Healthcare providers must assess their staff’s understanding of policies and their capabilities for compliance with standards. Studies have shown that compliance with regulations can be easily learned by training employees in the processes that are put in place to monitor adherence to policies. Educating employees about policies ensures that they know what is expected of them and are confident in their ability to meet those requirements.

Online Healthcare Compliance Training

Here at Healthcare Waste Management, we provide an easy-to-use online compliance training portal, it provides much more than just training, it is a portal to access all your required compliance documents that has everything you need to manage your Healthcare Compliance Training requirements.

See who needs training, who has training coming up, and who has completed training, all in one easy to use online portal.

From online safety plans, bloodborne pathogens certificates, HIPAA training, to SDS and MDs safety sheets, we have you covered. Contact us today to find out more about our compliance training program at 888-427-5797.

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