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Online Healthcare Compliance Training for Employees

June 3, 2021

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Online Healthcare Compliance Training for Employees

Today’s healthcare employees are required to know a complex blend of the knowledge of caring for patients as well as a litany of laws and requirements that keep them and their patients safe in their environments. Employers are required to have healthcare compliance training for all staff so that there is a reduction in risks for job-related injuries and to accommodate the various legal aspects of established laws. While the focus is on providing the very best healthcare services possible, this is tightly intertwined with compliance training, and online choices such as those offered by Healthcare Waste Management elevate the ability for healthcare employees to do their jobs while knowing all of the compliance rules.

Why Online Training?

Online training programs for healthcare compliance have been designed to address topics that are specific to the knowledge level required by employees. Modules can be selected/assigned based on the job functions with the ability to add as duties change. Taking courses online offers flexibility so that students may start/stop due to scheduling while meeting the goals and ultimately offering a certificate of completion. The best compliance training such as those offered by Healthcare Waste Management give management/supervisors access to monitor and see completion lists and how employees are doing within their training programs.

Why Compliance Training is Important

Beyond creating a safe environment for employees and patients, compliance training addresses the various laws and guidelines that are required.  Federal and state requirements can include but is not limited to topics such as:

Penalties or Lack of Compliance are Fierce

In recent years one of the most prevalent offenses in lack of compliance has been with breaches of protected health information for individuals. These have involved accidental as well as breaches due to cyber crime involving ransomware, phishing emails, and employee data theft. Any healthcare employer that is found to have not complied with the state and federal laws and guidelines face severe penalties that can be as much as $1.5 million per incident, loss of license(s), and potentially put an organization out of business.

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