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OSHA Annual Training Requirements for Healthcare Workers

September 29, 2021

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OSHA Annual Training Requirements for Healthcare Workers

OSHA Annual Training Requirements for Healthcare Workers. If you work in healthcare, you are no stranger to OSHA required training. There are bloodborne pathogens certifications, HIPAA, PPE, and more depending what type of practice you work in, Oncology for example has additional workplace hazards.


First, we are going to address HIPAA required training as there is some interpretation with timeframes. There are two rules regarding HIPAA, the security rule, and the privacy rule.

The privacy rules states that new employees are required to receive training “within a reasonable period of time” after the person is hired. This is interpreted as requiring training in the first few days or weeks rather than months. The rule also states when “functions are affected by a material change in policies or procedures” again this is interpreted as requiring training in the first few days or weeks.

The Security Rule states HIPAA training is required “periodically”. Most healthcare providers interpret “periodically” as annually. In the event of a breach, a longer period of time, two or three years could be considered negligent.

The Security and privacy are distinct but go together. The Privacy rule focuses on the right of an individual to control the use of his or her personal information. The Security rule focuses on administrative, technical, and physical safeguards specifically as they relate to electronic PHI.

Bloodborne Pathogens

The employer shall train each employee with occupational exposure in accordance with the requirements. Such training must be provided at no cost to the employee and during working hours. The employer shall institute a training program and ensure employee participation in the program.

Training shall be given at the time of initial assignment to tasks where occupational exposure may take place. At least annually thereafter, Annual training for all employees shall be provided within one year of their previous training.

Employers shall provide additional training when changes such as modification of tasks or procedures or institution of new tasks or procedures affect the employee’s occupational exposure. The additional training may be limited to addressing the new exposures created.

Material appropriate in content and vocabulary to educational level, literacy, and language of employees shall be used.

The training program shall contain at a minimum the following elements:

The employer shall provide a training program to employees who have no prior experience in handling human pathogens. Initial work activities shall not include the handling of infectious agents. A progression of work activities shall be assigned as techniques are learned and proficiency is developed. The employer shall assure that employees participate in work activities involving infectious agents only after proficiency has been demonstrated.

Corporate Compliance, Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training Requirements

If you are a person providing healthcare or administrative services to Medicare enrollees, you are likely an employee of a Provider or subcontracted delegated entity.

Initial training on Corporate Compliance, fraud, waste, and abuse should be completed during the orientation process for new employees. All employees should complete annual General Corporate Compliance refresher training thereafter.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Who? All employees except where extinguishers are provided but are not intended for employee use.

Training Required. Upon assignment and annually thereafter.

Hazardous Drugs

Employees who handle hazardous drugs, such as pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and employees involved in cleaning hazardous drug areas, receiving transport or shipping.

When? Upon initial assignment and whenever hazardous drugs are present in accordance with hazard communication, training recommended at least annually thereafter.

Workplace Violence

All employees, including visiting staff, and security personnel.

Initial orientation prior to assignment. Refresher training annually or more frequently in larger facilities.

This material is intended to be informational but may be incomplete for your specific facility. You can find the latest laws and regulations on OSHA’s website here or contact us with specific questions at 888-427-5797.

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