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OSHA Online Safety Compliance Training & Certification

October 8, 2021

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OSHA Online Safety Compliance Training & Certification

OSHA Online Safety Compliance Training & Certification. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that all employers have all workers that face hazards in their jobs to receive safety training as a method of protection. The types of courses and information offered is dependent upon the type of industry. Training courses are offered by several approved organizations such as Healthcare Waste Management, and are designed to educate, inform, and assist in protecting staff workers from potential accidents that could be harmful.  The training is designed to also offer workers an understanding of their rights and the appropriate actions needed in case of an accident or breach. These are all-encompassing courses to give as much information as possible to all that are involved in potential at risk jobs.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that in 2019 there were 2.8 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses in the workplace, with 575,000 in the healthcare and social assistance industry. While this is a slight reduction from 2018, the goal of OSHA is to try to assist employers to reduce these incidences even further.

Online safety compliance training and certification is a beneficial tool to accomplish educational expansion for workers. The ability to access the training during a convenient schedule, start and stop when needed, and receive a certification when the training is completed encourages a higher level of attendance.  The requirement of training prior to hiring completion allows staff members to contribute to the workplace more quickly. This is especially important in many industries such as healthcare, that have a high need for qualified employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Compliance of all local, state, and federal laws and guidelines is a requirement by every organization. The OSHA online safety compliance training and certification helps to ensure that staff members are knowledgeable of the hazards that they may be exposed to and the appropriate actions, behavior, and personal protection equipment required to keep them from injuries as well as following the laws.

Compliance training and certification does not excuse any organization from the removal of guilt of lack of compliance. In the situation where there is a viable case for lack of compliance, training and certification may act to demonstrate serious commitment to compliance efforts and could reduce punishment/fines.

Three Medical/Healthcare Online Training & Certifications

The medical community has some of the most stringent requirements for the safety of the workers, patients, community, and the environment. The educational and training guidelines incorporate everything from protecting against transmittable diseases to ensuring that patient data is kept private. It is an industry that is forever changing and improving, and it therefore requires that all that work in the medical community receive constant updates on the new laws and/or data. The guidelines dictate that all workers receive training and certification on an annual basis and/or when their job changes that places them in an at-risk category. Each online training and certification program is detailed to include information that acts to protect individuals and the compliance of the laws.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Transmission of potentially dangerous diseases through exposure to bloodborne pathogens continues to be a problem worldwide. Many healthcare workers are around such diseases as HBV (Hepatitis B) and HIV that can be transmitted through contact with blood as well as diseases from OPIM (other potentially infectious materials). Training all staff is critical to help to ensure accident prevention as well as actions to take in case of exposure. Online training and certification courses that are OSHA-approved assist in meeting the OSHA requirements and regulations required under both the OSHA Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act and 29 CFR §1910.1030(g)(2).

While a majority of those that take the bloodborne pathogens training courses are in the medical and healthcare industry, there are other industries that also risk exposure to blood and OPIM that can include but are not limited to: funeral parlor staff, dentists, pharmacists, tattoo parlors, body piercing shops, and coroner’s offices. Bloodborne pathogen training is a requirement for all workers that could have “occupational exposure” to OPIM or blood. Occupational exposure is listed by OSHA as “reasonably anticipated skin, eye, mucous membrane, or parenteral contact with blood or OPIM that may result from the performance of the employee’s duties.” 

A bloodborne pathogen training and certification program such as Healthcare Waste Management covers in detail:

OSHA Dental and Medical Office Hazards

Medical and dental offices represent some of the largest range of potential health hazards to patients, staff, and the environment. The OSHA online training and certification courses are designed to address OSHA regulations for:

All employees in medical offices and dental offices with two or more employees/staff are required to take OSHA training. Potential exposure to various disease states covers a gamut of topics that include but are not limited to:

A good online dental and medical office hazards training and certification program such as Healthcare Waste Management covers in detail:

HIPAA Training

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and was designed as a mandate to implement security and protection features for anyone or any organization that has access to private patient medical information. The guidelines established for phi (protected healthcare information) include everything that is required by Health and Human Services (HHS) and are enforced by OCR (Office for Civil Rights). The training and certification enable an organization to be compliance with all HIPAA Privacy Rules HIPAA Security Rules, HIPAA HITECH and HIPAA Omnibus Rules.

A good HIPAA training and certification course such as the one given by Healthcare Waste Management should include:

Compliance of all the various laws and rules requires being aware of, preparing for, training and documenting. It also means that any organization must stay on top of all updates and changes. Rather than taking on an almost overwhelming task for compliance, it makes sense to hire a licensed, trained, and professional organization such as Healthcare Waste Management that offers efficient and approved online training and certification programs for all workers.

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