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What is Compliance Training?

May 26, 2021

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What is Compliance Training?

What is Compliance Training? Depending upon the type of business, compliance training is required by state and federal regulations, legislations, or policies. The training not only acts to educate employees for their safety in doing their jobs but acts to ensure safety in the overall workplace and addresses actions that need to be taken in case of accidents. Companies are required to accommodate compliance training for their staff as well as offer annual training updates. Compliance training assists in preventing potentially fatal disasters, reduces risks, maintains the reputation of the organization, and maintains employee dignity. Organizations such as Healthcare Waste Management offer 24/7 online training for employees with certification of completion for our clients.

Types of Compliance Training

There are generally two types of compliance training that are required by employers for staff. In some cases the training information can overlap but, depending upon the industry, may still be a requirement for employment.

Company compliance training includes specific rules and guidelines established by the business. There are a few reasons for company compliance training including their ability to be covered by insurance.

Local/State/Federal Compliance training are the OSHA-approved training that relates to safety in the work environment, to educate an employee, and reduce risks in their specific job-related tasks. This regulatory compliance training is required by law and employers must establish procedures and records as proof of training.

Some Categories of Compliance Training

The goal of compliance training is to establish a sense of employee awareness for on the job safety and the rules to abide by. In addition, compliance training allows staff to operate within the company with confidence, handle emergency situations, reduce risk of injury and to legally protect the business and its reputation in the case of an accident.  Different industries have compliance training that is specific to their line of business. Compliance training subjects by company vertical can include but is not limited to:

Organizations and Laws That Require Compliance Training

There are a variety of state and federal organizations that have established requirements for employers in supplying compliance training. The training depends on the type of business as well as the type of functions that are performed in the business. There are both state and federal organizations involved in compliance training requirements. Here are some of the laws and organizations:

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