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Rockford, IL Medical Waste Disposal

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Rockford, IL Medical Waste Disposal

Rockford, IL Medical Waste Disposal. We at Healthcare Waste Management are dedicated to saving you money while providing only the highest quality medical waste disposal service from start to finish. We accomplish this by owning the entire process of your Medical Waste Disposal. Many medical waste disposal companies are simply haulers. These companies do not actually destroy your waste, they simply take it to a third-party disposal facility and then charge you enough to turn a profit. HWM on the other hand owns our own trucks, we hire our own drivers, and we also own our disposal facilities. Because of this we can provide incredibly high service while saving you money.

Hospitals of Rockford

You will never be without options for healthcare, be it hospitals, doctors office’s or any type of facilities you can think of in Rockford. With 5 hospitals including Javon Bea, SwedishAmerican, OSF Saint Anthony and more, along with the offshoot sites around the city, you’re set. SwedishAmerican even has a dedicated heart health hospital on East State Street.

Low Income Healthcare

For uninsured or under-insured adults in Rockford there are options such as the Bridge Clinic of Rockford who offer services such as basic primary care, lab testing, physicals, and all types of free cancer screenings. They also have a prescription assistance program for people unable to afford their medications and need help now.
The Bridge Clinic doesn’t even ask for proof of income and trust that only patients who truly need the clinic will visit, and the visits are completely free.


Benefits of Using Healthcare Waste Management’s Rockford, IL Medical Waste Disposal Services

As the name suggest we are a complete management team of your healthcare medical, biohazard, sharps and other wastes that is regulated. From pickup to destruction, we are the only company that handles your waste

  • We own the waste from pickup to destruction, no middleman, means no hidden cost.
  • Our state-of-the-art processing plants ensure the waste is disposed of as quickly and effectively as possible, with minimum impact to the environment.
  • With us it is our drivers, our trucks, our processing plants and our insurance. You can imagine the insurance one must have when they own their own processing plants.

Rockford, IL About

According to the 2010 census, Rockford has an area of 61.949 square miles, of which 61.08 square miles (or 98.6%) is land and 0.869 square miles (or 1.4%) is water. Neighboring communities that border Rockford, and are considered an integral part of the Rockford metro area, are the cities of Loves Park, Machesney Park, Belvidere, and the villages of Winnebago, Roscoe, Rockton, Poplar Grove, New Milford, and Cherry Valley

Healthcare Waste Management

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Rockford, Illinois Resources

Rockford City Hall

425 E State St
Rockford, Illinois 61104
(815) 987-5500

Rockford Chamber of Commerce

308 W State St #190
Chicago, Illinois 61101
(815) 987-8100

Rockford Enviromental Office

4302 N Main St # 103
Rockford, Illinois 61103
(815) 987-7760

Javon Bea Hospital

2400 N Rockton Ave
Rockford, Illinois 61103
(815) 971-5000

SwedishAmerican Hospital

1401 E State St
Rockford, Illinois 61104
(779) 696-4400

Lehan’s Medical Equipment

811 S Perryville Rd #101
Rockford, Illinois 61108
(815) 708-7456

Rockford, Illinois Interesting Information

Rockford is a city in Winnebago County in the U.S. state of Illinois, in far northern Illinois. Located on the banks of the Rock River, Rockford is the county seat of Winnebago County (a small portion of the city is located in Ogle County). The largest city in Illinois outside of the Chicago metropolitan area, Rockford is the third-largest city in the state and the 171st most populous in the United States. According to 2010 U.S. Census data, the City of Rockford had a population of 152,871, with an outlying metropolitan area population of 348,360. The City of Rockford’s population was 147,051 as of 2017, down 4.1% since 2010.

Illinois Medical Waste Disposal Service Area

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