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Springfield, IL Medical Waste Disposal

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Springfield, IL Medical Waste Disposal

Springfield, IL Medical Waste Disposal. Healthcare Waste Management is obsessed with saving you money on your medical waste disposal by utilizing the most efficient disposal techniques out there. Unlike many other medical waste disposal companies, we actually own our own waste processing plants which saves you money and allows us to choose the most environmentally friendly processes available.

We also use state-of-the-art vehicle routing technology in order to ensure our drivers take the most efficient routes when picking up your medical waste. This saves you money by reducing wear and tear on the trucks and reducing the amount of gasoline used.

What is Potentially Infectious Medical Waste?

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency defines potentially infectious medical waste (PIMW) as: “waste generated in connection with the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings or animals; research pertaining to the provision of medical services; or the provision or testing of biologicals. … All PIMW must be treated to eliminate the infectious potential, and sharps must be treated and either made unrecognizable or packaged properly prior to disposal. PIMW can only be transported by a licensed PIMW hauler to a permitted transfer, storage, or treatment facility. Once PIMW has been treated and the sharps have been packaged properly, it can be placed in a landfill.“

The Largest Employers in Springfield

Memorial Medical Center and St. John’s Hospital are actually the second and third largest employers in the city with almost 10,000 employees combined. Memorial Medical Center has 500 beds while St. John’s has 457 total beds. St. John’s is also a teaching hospital for Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

When Memorial first opened in 1897 it actually only had 12 beds, eventually growing to 270 beds during the ‘40s and 500 beds today. In 2016 Memorial was awarded American Hospital Association-McKesson Quest for Quality Prize, the first hospital in the state to receive such an award.


Benefits of Using Healthcare Waste Management’s Springfield, IL Medical Waste Disposal Services

As the name suggest we are a complete management team of your healthcare medical, biohazard, sharps and other wastes that is regulated. From pickup to destruction, we are the only company that handles your waste

  • We own the waste from pickup to destruction, no middleman, means no hidden cost.
  • Our state-of-the-art processing plants ensure the waste is disposed of as quickly and effectively as possible, with minimum impact to the environment.
  • With us it is our drivers, our trucks, our processing plants and our insurance. You can imagine the insurance one must have when they own their own processing plants.

Springfield, IL About

Springfield is the capital of the U.S. state of Illinois and the county seat and largest city of Sangamon County. The city’s population was 116,250 at the 2010 U.S. Census, which makes it the state’s sixth most-populous city, the second largest outside of the Chicago metropolitan area (after Rockford), and the largest in central Illinois. As of 2018, the city’s population was estimated to have decreased to 114,694, with just over 211,700 residents living in the Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes Sangamon County and the adjacent Menard County.

Healthcare Waste Management

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Springfield, Illinois Resources

Springfield City Hall

800 E Monroe St # 300
Springfield, Illinois 62701
(217) 789-2000

Springfield Chamber of Commerce

501 E Capitol Ave Suite A
Springfield, Illinois 62701
(217) 525-1173

Springfield Environmental Council

520 E Capitol Ave
Springfield, Illinois 62701
(217) 544-5954

HSHS St. John’s Hospital

800 E Carpenter St
Springfield, Illinois 62769
(217) 544-6464

Memorial Medical Center

701 N 1st St
Springfield, Illinois 62781
(217) 788-3000

Memorial Services Medical Supply

644 N 2nd St
Springfield, Illinois 62702
(217) 788-4663

Springfield, Illinois Interesting Information

Springfield is at an elevation of 558 feet above sea level. Located within the central section of Illinois, Springfield is 80 miles northeast of St. Louis. The Champaign/Urbana area is to the east, Peoria is to the north, and Bloomington–Normal is to the northeast. Decatur is 40 miles due east.

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