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Choosing A Medical Waste Vendor

December 28, 2021

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Choosing A Medical Waste Vendor

Choosing A Medical Waste Vendor. Medical waste can be dangerous to your health and the environment. Therefore, it’s important that you find a medical waste company that is experienced, efficient, properly insured, and meets all regulatory standards.

Before you start looking for a vendor, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in terms of types of waste you generate, volume, and frequency. Here are some things to consider before contacting a vendor:

If you have a service currently, that is about to expire, most of this information can be found on an invoice or in your current service contract.

With this information in hand, you are now ready to start contacting potential vendors and start gathering information.

A good way to find potential vendors is by searching in Google “Medical Waste Disposal Gary, Indiana”. Of course, replace Gary, Indiana with your current city, state.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Vendor

Since most medical waste disposal services require a contract, choosing the wrong vendor can have long lasting effects. First and foremost, you will want to see how easy it is to contact the company, because if you have a hard time getting in touch with someone, that is going to be a long road.

Another important consideration when choosing a vendor is the type of infrastructure, they have built to service your account.

Some people may think that you can just hire anyone, the lowest price for example, and they’ll be able to service your medical waste. But this isn’t the case often, the lowest price comes with sacrifices in other areas like, insurance, using older trucks that may break down more often, hence missing pickup schedules.

There are regulations in place to make sure your medical waste is disposed of properly, meaning not only are you looking for someone who has the proper insurance but also the right resources to manage your medical waste from start to finish.

Different types of medical waste require different types of disposal methods, so it’s crucial that you find a vendor who has the proper equipment to dispose of your waste correctly. Whether it’s autoclave incineration, microwaves ovens, or steam sterilization, if you don’t use the right equipment then your medical waste can become hazardous.

If you need help finding a reliable vendor with all the right equipment for disposing of your medical waste, contact us today!

What to Look for When Choosing a Vendor

Your vendor is the key to successful management of your medical waste. When choosing a vendor, you’ll want to make sure they offer:

Choosing a vendor should be an important consideration in any business, but when it comes to medical waste, it’s even more crucial.

Finding a Medical Waste Company

Medical waste disposal is a necessary part of running any business that produces medical waste. However, in order to avoid any complications, you need to make sure your vendor is experienced, reliable and meets all regulatory standards.

Do Your Due Diligence

It is important to ask the right questions to ensure your needs as a medical waste generator are met. Some questions to ask a potential medical waste vendor include:

Experience, how long have you been managing medical waste?

What is your treatment process? You need to know how your medical waste is disposed of once it leaves your facility. Do they own the treatment plants? Do they take it to a third-party treatment plant?

This is important for a couple of reasons, if the company owns its own treatment plants, they must stay up on current regulations as they are more regulated than a company that simply transports medical waste.

There is a good chance you will get a better price if they own the treatment plants because they do not have to pay a third-party to treat your medical waste.

Do you have the proper license and permits, to handle, transport, store, and treat medical waste?

What type of background checks and training do your employees receive?

Do you use subcontractors to complete any of the work?

If so, in what steps do you use subcontractors? Hauling, Treatment? and what are the subcontractor’s business names? This will give you additional companies to call and get quotes.

Types of Medical Waste Management Companies You May Encounter

There are different levels of service providers you may encounter when looking for a medical waste vendor. We have a detailed list here in this article Medical Waste Companies – What You Need to Know and we have listed a brief overview below.

Lead Generators – What they care about is who is going to pay them the most for your information, not who is the best fit for you.

Broker – They will use subcontractors and have little control over the individual drivers that walk in your office, the training those drivers take, background checks of those drivers or the safety of the trucks and equipment that haul your waste.

A Hauler – They do not treat the waste or sometimes even store the waste. They simply pick it up from you and take it to another company to destroy.

Medical Waste Management Company – A medical waste management company will have the most invested in their company, in order to service your company. Direct employees, a fleet of trucks, their own treatment plants.

Medical Waste Containers

You will want to make sure what types of containers are provided with your service? Are they approved for the waste types generated at your facility, are there any additional cost involved, will they work in the space you have allocated in the facility? In a hospital setting a cardboard box in the corner of a patient’s room is probably not the most useful type of medical waste container for that space. A red biohazard bin with a lid and foot operation is probably better suited for that space.   


It’s important to know what type of equipment your vendor uses to haul and dispose of your medical waste. This will help determine how invested the company is in their service and thus your service.

Do they own their own fleet of trucks? How Many? This is important incase there is an unforeseen pickup needed, do they have the resources to send someone out off-schedule?

What year are the trucks? This will give you insight if the company is reinvesting back into the service they provide. Running 10/15-year-old trucks could present more breakdowns vs. a newer fleet of trucks. Of course, proper maintenance would play a role in that.

Do they own any type of treatment plants? A medical waste disposal company that owns their own treatment plant is more invested in your service and has more regulations to adhere to vs. a medical waste hauler.

A Medical Waste Management Company will be able to service most of your medical waste from cradle-to-grave without the use of a third-party service. This is the biggest difference between a broker, or hauler.

A broker simply hires someone else to haul and the hauler hires someone else to treat the medical waste, so you could have two or three companies involved in your medical waste disposal process vs. working with a medical waste management company who invested in their company to do what you pay them to do, collect, transport, and treat your medical waste from cradle-to-grave.

Do They Offer Other Services?

Some vendors only provide pickup and transportation services, while others may offer pickup, transportation, and treatment services as well as other extras like:


Pricing will vary depending on the type of waste you’re generating and the company you choose. For example, some companies offer a service where they take care of all your medical waste for one low monthly fee. Others may charge by the pound.

When it comes to pricing, there’s no “one size fits all.” You’ll need to evaluate what’s best for your business.

The cheapest guy on the block may not always be the best option, you will want to ensure your medical waste is being picked up and treated on schedule, missed pickups can cause a pile up in the office of medical waste, which could lead to regulatory non-compliance issues.

Being under insured can also increase your risk, the lack of proper insurance and a vehicle accident could fall back on your facility as the generator of that medical waste.

Experience, the new guy may undercut their prices to get new customers but that is not sustainable in the long run. The options? Go out of business, raise your prices, improperly dispose of your medical waste. None of those are good options for your facility.

So, while it is understandable price is a consideration, choosing an experienced medical waste management company that has invested in their company to service your company is often the cheaper choice.


A medical waste company can make your daily operations run smoother and help you maintain compliance. The right company can offer more than just medical waste disposal – they can also help you with disposal of pharmaceuticals and hazardous materials and offer recycling and waste minimization strategies. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best partner. Ask a lot of questions and really get to know any potential vendor, it won’t take long, and you will find the perfect match.

Once you’ve found your perfect match, it’s time to turn your focus to your business operations. No matter what the industry, what company you work for, or what type of business you have, medical waste is something that affects everyone. To protect both the environment and your employees, it is important that you select a vendor that is reputable, professional, and reliable.

About Healthcare Waste Management

We own the trucks that come to your facility, we employ the drivers that come into your facility, and we own the destruction plants that destroy your waste. By having one company handle your waste from ‘cradle-to-grave’ allows us to bring our customers, the best process, products, and services with significant savings compared to the industry standard pricing. We do this while reducing our client’s impact on the environment which is a true win-win. Best processes, pricing and practices is what we built our company on.

Our commitment to our customers and the environment doesn’t stop with our cradle-to-grave management of your medical waste. We also use a state-of-the-art reusable container system for medical waste and sharps waste that keeps unnecessary waste from impacting the environment. Our cradle-to-grave management process, reusable medical waste and sharps disposal containers, fuel efficient trucks and intelligent routing are all examples of our commitment to our customers and the environment.

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