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Countdown to Earth Day: Buy Local

October 23, 2020

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Join us as we countdown to Earth Day

Take Action – Buy Local

Contributing to a reduced carbon footprint can be accomplished in many ways. One of the easiest methods to be ecologically conscious is to buy local. These can be in the forms of local products, but especially local produce. Beyond taking far less fossil fuel to get produce to you, it is also a way to bring produce with better nutrients for you and your family.

In a time when everyone is focused on making healthy choices, it may surprise you to find out that the produce that we buy begins to lose its nutrients the moment that it’s harvested. When you think about the time that is involved in produce that is stored and then shipped to the grocery store chain. By the time you arrive to purchase the produce it may have been on the shelf for a while and by that time it has already lost almost half of the original nutrients. The concept of “shelf life” for produce is around seven days, and when you get them home those “fresh” fruits and vegetables only last a few days.

Most towns now have local farmers markets that are available for the community. Some grocery stores are now specializing in purchasing local to support the area as well as encourage customers for better products. There is a sense of peace of mind in knowing where your food is derived. Now that there is a major increase for the purchase of organic products, local farmers are making adjustments to offer these options and grocery stores are stocking them to encourage customers.

Buying local supports your economy and encourages a clean environment, but even just as important is the fact that you are encouraging a local small business that is part of your community. Most farms are smaller and place priorities on good soil management as well as valuing the natural resources. This cannot be said for all big businesses, whose interests are far from where you live. Smaller, locally-owned farms have less of an impact on the environment as they reuse resources to reduce costs.

Healthcare Waste Management is committed to assisting our clients in the waste, risk, and cost reduction for medical waste. We work with our customers to help them understand that buying local is an investment in their community and the sustainability of their own business.

Join us as we countdown to the celebration of Earth Day and commit to buying local

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