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Generating Medical Waste Because of Coronavirus Testing?

October 5, 2021

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Generating Medical Waste Because of Coronavirus Testing?

Generating Medical Waste Because of Coronavirus Testing? Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the world has experienced complete changes in everything that we once called “normal.” As we have continued through this journey, many have taken proactive steps to maintain their regular routines while keeping everyone safe from the virus. One of the biggest steps in these efforts has involved in-house COVID-19 testing in colleges, universities, sports groups, and even businesses. While these actions have contributed to maintaining the health of those in their environments, it has caused another problem that may not have been considered: the sudden collection of medical waste due to COVID-19 testing and what they have to do with it to comply with health guidelines.

While educational facilities typically have medical areas on site, they usually had a standard amount of medical waste that they could deal with. This may not be the case for businesses or even some sports groups. In addition to being required to deal with the virus testing, they are now finding themselves entrenched in attempts to find out what laws or guidelines they need to comply with (if any), and exactly how are they going to get all of the COVID-19 testing medical waste safely away from their areas?

The answers to this quandary is in coordinating with a professional and trained medical waste management removal company who can inform, advise, make sure you have all of the equipment that you need, and any training that might be required. In other words, a medical waste management company such as Healthcare Waste Management that is a single source from start to finish. Our services cover everyone that generates medical waste in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Compliance Regulations?

Generating Medical Waste Because of Coronavirus Testing? For those new to the medical waste topic, there may be a sense of panic when they realize that there are compliance issues that they now have to consider in the COVID-19 medical waste. There may also be different laws based on the local, state and federal guidelines per state as it relates to the COVID-19 testing waste. There is also a law that dictates that a generator is responsible for medical waste from the moment that it is created to proving that it has been completely destroyed by a licensed medical waste company.

In the race to try to accommodate the increased volume of medical waste due to COVID-19 testing, many educational institutions have testing that is “all over the place.” Unsure of all of the details, there has been quite a bit of mayhem in attempts to offer testing to both students and staff.

Healthcare Medical Waste can come to the rescue and help to eliminate some of the stress. We know all of the compliance guidelines for the states that we service and will ensure that your organization is completely knowledgeable on what is needed by you and your staff, supply you with the containers needed, educate your staff, and then we take care of the rest.

Thankfully, so far, regulations for COVID-19 waste is the same as regular medical waste, but if you are an organization that is unfamiliar with the regulations or not used to how to deal with the increased volume, Healthcare Medical Waste will assist in ensuring that you are educated in what is required as well as coordinate your medical waste removal with you.

Generating Medical Waste Because of Coronavirus Testing? First Things First

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has COVID-19 guidelines that say that there is no need for any additional special handling of COVID-19 waste beyond standard biohazardous waste. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has indicated that COVID-19 waste should be handled in the same method as any medical waste. It’s important to repeat that each state may have different rules for medical waste, and this is where Healthcare Waste Management comes in. We are completely up-to-date on all guidelines and will make sure you have everything that you need for compliance. 

How We Help with your COVID-19 Medical Waste

Healthcare Medical Waste assists your organization by making sure that you understand the requirements of:

New or Updated Internal Responsibilities

If your organization has experience with medical waste, then you probably already have an individual or group that are the first contacts and they are aware of all of the rules and guidelines. However, if you have never had to deal with medical waste, this is an entirely new involvement, and you will need to establish an internal manager that oversees the medical waste handling, storage, and removal schedules.

Healthcare Waste Management works with all of our clients to make this transition an easy process. Once the base information and rules are established and the training is done, it removes a lot of the anxiety involved in what was once the unknown.

Face Masks, Gowns and Tissues during COVID-19?

Generating Medical Waste Because of Coronavirus Testing? When most people think about COVID-19 testing, they visualize the actual testing swabs and containers. In reality, there are PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) involved in the testing process and while the CDC doesn’t consider these to be medical waste, all precautions should be taken to keep the virus from spreading. Healthcare Medical Waste recommends that all PPE involved in COVID-19 testing be placed with the testing products for pickup and destruction. This recommendation stands whether the subjects are asymptomatic or are showing symptoms.

Different Testing Environments

As we all go through the pandemic we have to recognize that there haven’t been any real rules set up for where and when COVID-19 testing is done. For some organizations they only have on-site testing, while others require an on-site location due to space restrictions. While everyone is focused on doing the correct type of testing at the correct time, they raise concerns about the challenge of getting the resulting medical waste properly disposed of.

Healthcare Medical Waste has stepped up our teams and schedules so that we can take care of a variety of location pickups and adjust to the most convenient schedule for the client. Our drivers can coordinate any change that is required due to alterations in COVID-19 testing as well as an increase in volume.

New COVID-19 Testing Considerations

Whether you are an educational institution, a sports group, or a business, there is no doubting that COVID-19 has changed the way that you function. As a society, none of us have been through this type of experience and yet it is astounding how so many have stepped up to the plate with innovations, ideas, and methods to keep themselves and others safe from the virus. In just a few months we have transitioned from setting up appointments and driving to get a COVID-19 test to on-site and group test sites. However with these innovations have come some considerations that we didn’t have to previously think of, and these also must be incorporated as part of the changes that we establish.

Healthcare Waste Management uses the Philosophy: What more can we do

Healthcare Waste Management considers our clients as partners in battling COVID-19. As our team has stepped up their game to address the needs of our clients, we are seeing the years of investment that we have made into owning and operating everything in our company come to fruition. Our company design has always been to be able to accommodate medical waste management needs quickly, easily, and with little or no stress to our clients. The experience of this pandemic that we are all sharing has allowed us to prove that our design was true.

We Help to Eliminate the Confusion

Healthcare Waste Management recognizes that there are a lot of organizations that are new to the medical waste arena and some that weren’t ready for the explosion caused by COVID-19 and the testing that they now find themselves doing. We fast track to make sure that we do as much of the heavy lifting as possible and that our clients are educated on medical waste while having all of the supplies that they need.

As a single source medical waste management company we ensure that clients receive premium services that are cost-effective and offer them peace of mind. Taking the precautions to keep everyone safe, we will all get through the pandemic.

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