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Handling Containers

Handling Containers

A huge part of the medical waste disposal industry is the handling, transportation, and use of medical waste containers.  From sharps that have been exposed to pathogens such as HIV or HBV, to bio hazardous materials, containers will hold a variety of different wastes holding risks that can be limited with proper handling.  Healthcare Waste Management takes pride and is confident in our puncture-resistant, anti-microbial infused, reusable sharps containers as well as our other forms of containment, but we also need your help to ensure safe and proper medical waste disposal.  Here are a few tips to think about while handling the containers in your facility.

Keep waste containers sealed when not being used, or when full.

Open containers mean open exposure and greater risk for the spread of potentially infectious disease.  Healthcare Waste Management can properly dispose of and eliminate these risks, but only after we’ve picked them up.

Label containers.

Container labels are important for proper treatment and disposal of medical waste.  Mixing wastes and containers that shouldn’t be together increases risk of improper disposal and the spread of infectious disease.

Don’t overfill containers.

Overfilling containers increases risk of spillage and spread of potentially infectious diseases, as well as exposure to infected sharps.  If needed, give us a call and we will be happy to supply for your facility’s needs.

Don’t move containers yourself.

Healthcare Waste Management has trained employees who know the proper way to handle and dispose of medical waste.  Do not take the risk of handling yourself!

Choose a qualified provider.

Choosing the right provider will make your facility’s entire medical waste disposal process smooth and easy and Healthcare Waste Management provides all the right options.  From our compliance and safety training, to our reusable sharps containers, to our EPA, IDEM and DOT pickup, transport, and disposal licensing, we can make your medical waste disposal as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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