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How to Package Medical Waste

October 5, 2021

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How to Package Medical Waste [Infographic]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Medical Waste Disposal

How to Package Medical Waste

DON’T put loose sharps directly inside red medical waste containers.

DO  put sharps in an FDA-approved, puncture-resistant, properly marked sharps disposal container.

DON’T dispose pharmaceuticals inside medical waste containers.

DO put non-haz pharmaceuticals into non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste containers.

DON’T overfill medical waste containers. Do not push down on waste.

DO close, tie and seal at 3/4 full.

DON’T mix regular waste with medical waste.

DO segregate medical waste properly by waste type.

How to package your medical waste.

  1. When Sharps Containers are 3/4 full place them in the red medical waste container.
  2. When handling medical waste containers always use protective equipment.
  3. When the medical waste bag is 3/4 full tie a simple knot or use a self-locking tag.
  4. Seal the medical waste container with self-locking lid or sealing tape.

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