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Managing Regulated Medical Waste

October 5, 2021

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Managing Regulated Medical Waste

Managing Regulated Medical Waste. Regulated medical waste (RMW) is categorized differently from hazardous waste, which is governed by federal associations in conjunction with state laws.  The guidelines for RMW are set by the individual states and associated regulations for OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and both state and federal DOT (Department of Transportation). Each state has created their own rules, laws, and guidelines for RMW regulation implementation.

While a majority of states comply with similar regulations, there are alterations in terminologies as well as requirements. Regulated medical waste is often referred to as infectious waste or biohazardous waste, but all relate to any item that may be contaminated with potentially infectious agents as medical waste that could pose a significant threat of infection transmission. Each state has specific guidelines for handling, storage, transportation, containment, licensing and fees, and disposal.

RMW Types, Containment, Disposal: Managing Regulated Medical Waste

Various states have differences in how they list or categorize RMW, however all states include the same information for the types of items that are considered as RMW. A majority of states identify the seven main types of RMW as:

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