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Medical Waste Disposal Companies

September 23, 2021

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Medical Waste Disposal Companies

Medical Waste Disposal Companies. If you are looking for a medical waste disposal company here are a few tips to help guide you through choosing the right company for your practice.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Medical Waste Disposal Company

Be specific here, not just do you hire. Ask if the drivers coming into your facility will get a W2 at the end of the year from the company you are speaking with. The benefits in asking this question are, if the company, you are speaking with does not directly employ the drivers. How much control do they have over?

This may seem trivial, but it is an important question to ask. The reasons are.

Most medical waste can be treated without the use of an incinerator plant which reduces the harmful pollution posing risk to human health and environment.

Some of the alternative technologies include steam sterilization, advanced steam sterilization, microwave treatment, dry heat sterilization, alkaline hydrolysis, and biological treatment.

Having a healthcare waste management company that owns one or more of the alternative technologies to treat your medical waste has numerous benefits.

A medical waste disposal company that owns, its own, treatment plants show they have a commitment to being a full-service provider.

There are processes in place that regulate medical waste processors, because of that, they must stay abreast of the latest laws and regulations concerning medical waste collection, storage, and treatment.

To give you an idea, in Indiana there are only four medical waste processor plants registered in the entire state, Healthcare Waste Management is one of the four.

That fact gives you a glimpse into the many differences that can exist between medical waste disposal companies.

We strongly believe if a medical waste disposal company has not invested in the medical waste disposal process to collect, haul, and treat your waste, they do not deserve your business.

We have invested in our company to service your company, in Indiana there are only four companies in total, that have done that to provide you with the highest level of service possible.

We are one of the four but just take a minute to let that sink in, out of all the marketing and advertising you will see when searching for a medical waste disposal service provider, only four in the entire state could process your waste.

That brings into question what do the other companies do, that do not own their own treatment plants?

They pay a medical waste processor to treat your medical waste. As with any step in the retail or service industry, the price goes up with every touch point. A similarity example is it is like buying retail vs. wholesale.  

A company that does not own, its own medical waste processor plant must pay a third party to service your account. 

That processing plant is charging x-dollars to treat your medical waste to the company you contacted, there is a high chance you are paying a markup on that process. They must use a third-party processing plant because they haven’t invested in their business, to service your business, you know, the actual business you contacted them for.

Medical Waste Company Types

When calling around for medical waste disposal quotes, here are some of the company types you may encounter.

There are four basic types of medical waste disposal companies you will come into contact with when looking for a service provider, they are.

A lead generation company simply makes money from your contact information, maybe they are good at marketing, but do they really care or know anything about your service? They are simply selling your information to the highest bidder or worse yet to multiple companies.

A lead generator will generally hand you off to another company for a quote. They can be slick about it, to where you might not even notice it is happening, but their main goal is to get enough information from you to make you look attractive to a potential lead buyer.

A broker is a different kind of company where they don’t even haul your waste, let alone have a treatment plant to dispose of your waste.

What a broker does is sign you up on a contract and then hire another medical waste provider to actually service your account. You can imagine a few things wrong with this right off the bat.

  1. They are making money from what they must pay the hauler and what they charge you.
  2. They are not the company who directly employs the drivers so schedules, missed pickups, and customer service items can become problematic.
  3. There is obviously a hauler who is doing this service for less than what you are paying.

A hauler or medical waste transport company does just that. They move your medical waste from your facility to a place that processes your medical waste to make it non-infectious. They must pay another company to treat the waste and then pass that cost (usually with a markup) on to you.

In a hauler situation it would be the company you contract with, that company would come into your facility. The difference is they do not treat your medical waste.

A True Healthcare Waste Management Company will have the most invested in their company to service your company. They will.

  1. Own multiple trucks that haul your waste.
  2. Directly employ and train the drivers that come into your medical facility.
  3. Own the treatment plants that destroy most of your waste.

In short, a healthcare waste management company will have invested in the processes it takes to be a true service provider. Meaning they can do the service you contacted them for, without any third part involvement.

They directly employ the personal involved, they own the equipment from the trucks to the processing plants to haul and treat your waste.

This type of company is the rarest, remember in all of Indiana (for example) there are only four. Often this type of company provides the most value, highest level of service, all at reasonable prices. From start to finish they own your medical waste.

Now that you know a little about the types of companies you may encounter when searching for a new medical waste disposal vendor and the questions to ask when speaking to them, you can quickly identify the type of company you are speaking with.

Healthcare Waste Management

Here at Healthcare Waste Management, we are one of only four companies in Indiana that have invested in our company to treat your medical waste with our own medical waste processing plant.

Disclaimer: There are some medical wastes that require incineration and no, we do not operate an incinerator.

We do have multiple ways to treat your medical waste with our own treatment plants including microwaving and autoclaving.

Our business is much more regulated than your typical medical waste hauler who merely moves your medical waste from point A to point B. Because we treat medical waste, we are required to follow the latest rules and regulations when it comes to transporting, storing, and treating medical waste.

We operate in the Midwest and have been providing decades of service, to thousands of customers. We service Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. If you are outside of our service area, it is still worth a call to see if we can help as we are always expanding current service locations.

We have also acquired companies in states we service, that had their own treatment plants multiplying our daily processing power of medical waste.

We have offices in Gary, IN, Chicago, IL, Wausau, WI, Michigan and more. We have strategically positioned ourselves to best serve our clients of the Midwest.

If you generate medical waste and are looking for a true healthcare waste management company, contact Healthcare Waste Management today to see how we can help. We take pride in being one of the four companies that actually treats your medical waste.

Benefits of Healthcare Waste Management

The benefits of using Healthcare Waste Management are we Reduce Waste, Risk, and Cost.

By directly hiring and employing our drivers, plant processors, and office personal we are able to use safety controls and dedicated training to reduce risk.

By owning our own fleet of vehicles, we are able to ensure they are properly maintained, and equipped to safely haul medical waste, again reducing risk.

When working with Healthcare Waste Management we will help to identify your waste streams and offer suggestions to help reduce waste.

We help reduce cost in many ways, the main cost savings comes from Healthcare Waste Management not having to hire third parties to perform any step along the way in your medical waste disposal process.

We own the trucks, we directly employ the staff needed to safely haul and treat your medical waste, we own the medical waste processing plants.

With Healthcare Waste Management we are the only company you will ever need. From start to finish we own your medical waste.

For the best service at the most economical pricing, we knew early on we had to do it all. We did all of this for one reason, you the customer.

When hiring a medical waste disposal company, you deserve to get a company that performs the service from start to finish. Not a company that hires this or that out and charges you more for it. That just seems, well, wrong. 

From large quantity generators to small quantity generators of medical waste we service them all. We believe in directly performing the service you are paying us to do with the highest quality standards and integrity.

Our first job is customer service coupled with high quality services, the tag line “Reducing Waste, Risk & Cost” is a company motto, practiced every day.  Whatever your needs are, contact Healthcare Waste Management today, we love helping people and have personnel standing by to answer any questions or provide a quote in minutes. Call Today 888-427-5797

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