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Medical Waste Disposal for Nursing Homes

October 5, 2021

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Medical Waste Disposal for Nursing Homes

Medical Waste Disposal for Nursing Homes. Any facility such as nursing homes, extended care, rehabilitation locations, living areas for disabled individuals, and convalescent homes have patients/residents that are staying for long periods of times. These facilities differ from shorter term places such as hospitals, and typically have nurses as the largest number of staff members. Medical care in these locations is often not as complicated as you will find in hospitals, but given the potential of disease states, biohazardous waste can be generated. Most facilities if this type contract with a licensed, trained, and professional medical waste management company to ensure that all of the waste is disposed of using the local, state, and federal guidelines for safety.

All staff at these types of facilities are required to be trained on the methods of segregating medical waste. While a majority of the waste is not hazardous, the remaining waste must be separated and treated as potentially infectious. Employees at any of these locations need to be aware of the correct methods of handling, separation, and disposal so that they can keep everyone safe.

Types of medical waste at Nursing Homes

These types of longer term facilities typically hire medical waste disposal contractors to coordinate pickup and legal disposal of any form of medical waste. Even though they are considered to be small quantity generators they are required by law to have all staff trained for handling and disposal of all medical waste types.

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