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Medical Waste Disposal for Research Labs

October 5, 2021

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Medical Waste Disposal for Research Labs

Medical Waste Disposal for Research Labs. Research labs delve into a variety of situations that involve potentially dangerous and infectious contaminants that can cause harm. The labs work with biological materials that can be plant, animal, or human, and, depending upon the type of research can expand into everything from bioresearch to genotype stocks. Research labs are held to strict local, state, and federal guidelines for the handling, storage, and disposal of all medical waste that is generated in their facilities. Almost all research labs hire a professional and licensed medical waste disposal company that is responsible for complying with all guidelines and ensuring that the medical waste is disposal of so that it has no ability to contaminate or infect people, the community, or the environment.

Types of Research Lab medical waste

Research labs employ a number of experiments and each location can have its own specific type of waste profile. These include all research labs in both the general industry and hospitals. Waste that is considered to be hazardous must be stored, treated, and disposed of using the guidelines of the RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act). Any waste that is radioactive is required to be managed under the Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules. All biohazardous or infectious waste must be disinfected before it is disposed of.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) considers medical waste sourced at research labs to be some of the most dangerous of all medical waste that is generated.

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