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Medical Waste Disposal Gary Indiana

October 23, 2020

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Medical Waste Disposal Gary

If you are looking for medical waste disposal in Gary, Indiana we will help you get started. Our Company, Healthcare Waste Management is headquartered in Gary, IN. If you are looking for a medical waste company, you should understand all companies are not created equal. It can be a bit daunting trying to figure what medical waste company is best for your practice.

What makes one company better than the other? How do I know if I made a good choice? In most cases it is a long-term contract so choosing a company that doesn’t fit your needs or misses pickups often, can really be a burden to your facility over the contract length.

The first thing to understand when choosing a medical waste disposal company is, the types of companies that are out there. We have broken that down for you in the next section. They typical types of companies are.

  1. Medical Waste Lead Generators, these are companies whose business is to sell the leads to any company who buys them. It is hard to understand when you have landed with a company like this. A couple of key indicators are. You don’t speak to anyone at first, it is usually a form you complete and then you start getting calls. If you do speak to someone and they say let me have ‘so-and-so’ call you back. There are times when someone calling you back is perfectly legitimate but for the most part if you call a company for the service they offer, they should be able to carry-on that conversation with you on the spot.
  2. A Medical Waste Broker, brokers are middle-men and in general as with any broker, you are going to pay more. You may not know if you have contacted a medical waste broker. These are companies that do not do the medical waste disposal service, they hire other companies to do it. However, here are a couple of questions to ask to determine if your services will be brokered.
  1. A Hauler, a medical waste hauler is a company that comes to your facility, picks up your waste and drops it off at a medical waste processing plant. A lot of companies fall into this segment. In my opinion, this is the first real type of company we have listed. They contract with you and they pickup your medical waste and haul it to a processing plant. A legitimate process and there are many companies that fall into this category.
  2. Medical Waste Management Company. That last type of company we have to list is a company that does the whole medical waste disposal process. Meaning, they directly employ the drivers that come to your facility, they own and pay the insurance on the trucks that haul your medical waste and they own the processing plants that treat and destroy your medical waste.

Healthcare Waste Management

6602 W 9th Ave
Gary, Indiana 46406
(888) 427-5797

Healthcare Waste Management is a Medical Waste Management Company. We understood early on, if we wanted to be able to provide first-class customer service we had to be flexible and that meant having direction over where our trucks go, who picks up the waste and when they perform the service. In order to be as cost-effective as possible, Healthcare Waste Management knew that taking the waste to another company to process, would only increase cost.

Those are the reasons today; Healthcare Waste Management owns our own processing plant; we have processed over 15.5 million pounds of medical waste at our plant. We own our trucks, brand our trucks and directly employ the drivers. We are dedicated to your medical waste disposal needs by providing the best possible service at the most economical pricing.

We hope this post helps you make an informed decision when choosing a medical waste disposal company. Call us today, we are always happy to help in any way we can, even if you just have questions.

If you are looking for a medical waste disposal company our advice is, make sure they do the service you contract them to do. Saying that out loud doesn’t sound like it should be a thing, but it is. You can contract with a company for medical waste disposal services and they will never do any of it. Give us a Call Today at 888-427-5797 or complete the form below to see how we can help. [ninja_form id=2]

Gary, Indiana

Since our headquarters is in Gary, Indiana we would be remiss if we didn’t take this time to speak a little about our great city. Gary, IN. was founded in 1906 and named after a lawyer Elbert Henry Gary. He was a founding chairman of the United States Steel Corporation. That corporation founded the city for its new plant Gary Works. The steel industry provided Gary, IN with rapid growth during its first 26 years. Broadway was the commercial center for the region with, department stores, movie houses and much more was built in the downtown area.

As with many cities and towns across the U.S. that were reliant on the steel industries, in the 1960s Gary entered a decline. In 1970 The U.S. Steel Gary Works employed over 30,000 people and by 2015 had declined to just 5,100. The decline was largely due to the growing overseas competitiveness in the steel industry.

Gary, IN. is home to the Jackson 5. In 1950 the Jacksons moved from East Chicago, Indiana into a two-bedroom house in Gary on Jackson Street, later the Jackson 5 would record a song called 2300 Jackson Street referring to their childhood home address. “2300 Jackson Street, Always Home”. Just like the Jacksons, no matter how far our services reach today, Gary will always be home. There have been plenty of other notable people to come from Gary, Indiana. Boxers, MLB Players, NFL Players, Songwriters, Singers, Producers, NBA Players, Fortune 500 CEOs and Government officials directly under presidents.

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