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Medical Waste Disposal Minneapolis

October 25, 2020

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Medical Waste Disposal Minneapolis

When you are looking for a medical waste disposal company there are three things you will want to consider.

Medical Waste Disposal Minneapolis

  1. Cost – of course everyone is cost conscious and nobody wants to overpay for any service.
  2. Service – If you get the best price but your pickups are often missed or your billing is always causing you to get on the phone or send countless emails, then price really doesn’t matter because you are paying for it in other ways.
  3. Safety – this one is one you really do not think about but if your waste is mismanaged it could cost you or your practice in ways you probably have not thought of.

How do you get answers, from the company you are considering?

  1. Cost, that is clear tell enough them what you need, and they will tell you what it cost.
  2. Service, this one takes a little to decipher but the good news is, there are a series of questions you can ask to help you understand the service capabilities of the company you are speaking with.
    1. Ask what their company name is, and then ask what is the name of the company that will walk into my facility? These names should be the same.
    2. Ask if they directly employ, the driver that comes to my facility. Is the driver your direct employee, you give him a W2 at the end of the year?
    3. Ask if they directly own and insure the trucks that will haul my waste?
    4. Ask if they own the plants that will destroy my medical waste?
  3. Safety, is closely related to service for this one simple reason. How can you ensure the safety of someone, something or a process if you do not have direct control over it?

What Does it all Mean?

The reason we ask the questions above is.

Cost: no one wants to overpay for a service, and everyone feels a little better if they feel like they got a good deal.

Service, we ask these questions above to get a little insight into what quality of service the potential company can provide. I think most people will agree, it is hard to control the quality of service one desires, if they do not have direction over the employees, trucks or processing plants that service their waste.

Safety, there are so many factors that come into play here. Are the employees trained properly to handle and transport the medical waste? Are the trucks well maintained, are they properly equipped to transport medical waste, with medical waste one thing you want to avoid is cross contamination. One person or thing contaminating another person or thing.

At Healthcare Waste Management, we provide medical waste disposal service from start to finish.

  1. We directly employ and train the drivers that come into your facility.
  2. We own, equip and insure the vehicles that transport your medical waste.
  3. We own the medical waste disposal processing plants that destroy your waste.

For us to provide our customers with the best possible service at the most economical pricing we knew we could not do that relying on other companies to perform any part of your service. When you hire a medical waste disposal company, you think the company you hire performs the service from start to finish, that often is not the case. It is worth a few questions to figure it out before you contract with any company.

At Healthcare Waste Management we invested in the infrastructure to provide you with the best possible service at the most economical pricing. Call us today, we are always happy to help in anyway we can.[ninja_form id=2]

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota and the 46th largest in the United States. With Saint Paul as its neighbor, the area is often called the twin cities. The twin cities metro and their surrounding suburbs make the area the third-largest economic and population area of the Midwest. The area also boasts as the fifth largest hub of major corporate headquarters in the United States, Minneapolis is home to five Fortune 500 companies.

The Minneapolis name is said to be derived from mni a Dakota word for water and polis the Greek word for city or ‘Water City’. Since the area developed around Saint Anthony Falls which is the highest waterfall on the Mississippi River and was a source of power for early industry. The areas forest in Minnesota were a valuable resource for the lumber industry at the time, with the waterfall powering 17 sawmills.

The area is rich with history in the lumber and flour milling industries, lumber cut down from the northern part of the state would be sent down river, most of the saw mills moved just above the falls where mill workers collected, sorted and sent them to the sawmills. Milling was also popular in the area and with that farming of course, two of the brands we know today got their start in Minneapolis. General Mills and Pillsbury both got their starts off the banks of the Mississippi River by the Saint Anthony Falls.

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