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Medical Waste Guidance and Interpretation in Michigan

August 18, 2021

Medical Waste Guidance and Interpretation in Michigan

Medical Waste Guidance and Interpretation. Michigan has a Medical Waste Regulatory Program referred to as MWRP. The main objectives of this program are to protect the public and healthcare workers from the risk of infectious diseases contracted from improper disposal of potentially infectious diseases.

Medical Waste Guidance and Interpretation in Michigan. Along with protecting human life, the MWRP is also focused on protecting Michigan’s environment from degradation and pollution from improper disposal of medical industry derived plastics, sharps, and contaminants.

A medical waste producing facility in Michigan means a facility that generates, stores, decontaminates, or incinerates medical waste. All the listed facilities below fall under Michigan’s definition of a Medical Waste Producing Facility.

  1. Physician’s offices, dental practices, podiatry offices, veterinary practices
  2. Mortuaries
  3. Nursing homes
  4. Hospitals
  5. Tattoo/body art facilities
  6. Pharmacies
  7. Any other facility that stores, generates, decontaminates, or incinerates medical waste

Michigan Medical Waste Categories Defined

Medical Waste Producer Requirements

Medical Waste Producer Registration

Medical Waste Management Plan

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Employee Training & Records

Proper Packaging

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