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Medical Waste Segregation

An easy to follow medical waste segregation chart infographic.

This is an Infographic on The Do's and Dont's & How to package your medical waste.

  1. When Sharps Containers are 3/4 full place them in the red medical waste container.
  2. When handling medical waste containers always use protective equipment.
  3. When the medical waste bag is 3/4 full tie a simple knot or use a self-locking tag.
  4. Seal the medical waste container with self-locking lid or sealing tape.

Medical Waste Best Practices

All healthcare workers should know and observe the best practices for medical waste collection, storage, transportation, and disposal. Know the laws, classify and separate all waste, and use a clear color-coding system. 

Save on Medical Waste

This infographic provides information on what drives medical waste cost and how to save on medical waste disposal. 

how-to-wear a mask

Medical Waste Disposal by Healthcare Waste Management

Healthcare Waste Management is Proud to Bring Decades of Medical Waste Disposal Experience to Our Customers. From the Local Medical Office to National Healthcare Systems, We Bring Innovation and Customer Service that is Unparalleled.


Medical Waste Compliance Training

The handling of medical waste is serious business. Failure to comply with federal and state guidelines in the storage, transportation and processing of medical waste can be harmful to healthcare employees, patients, and the environment. 

Medical Waste Companies - What You Need to Know

When it comes to choosing a medical waste management company, it is important to understand that there are four basic types of medical waste companies. And more importantly, to understand what type of company you are speaking with. 

How To Wear A Mask

Helpful Tips when wearing a mask.



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