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Medical Waste Services

December 10, 2020

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Medical Waste Services

Medical Waste Services. While medical waste has always been an important topic, the entrance of COVID-19 into the world view has elevated both the subject and the requirement for medical waste removal. Healthcare organizations are finding themselves with increased volumes of medical waste and the need to have safe, secure, and trusted service companies that are cost effective and ensure that they will be completely responsible for the destruction of all types of medical waste. Healthcare Waste Management is staffed with knowledgeable and licensed professionals that use our own trucks, drivers, and employees to pick up and transport all medical waste to disposal plants that they own. In this age of constant change, Healthcare Waste Management brings peace of mind.

Healthcare Waste Management Services

The term “medical waste” includes a wide variety of contents. Healthcare Waste Management medical waste services are professionals in all aspects of safe and secure disposal, complying with all local, state, and federal guidelines, and supply a manifest of proof of destruction to our clients. Medical waste includes infectious and PIMW (potentially infectious waste)

However, the concept of waste management goes beyond just the destruction of the waste. Each state has strict laws that require compliance for medical waste and there are additional federal organizations that oversee other guidelines. As a medical waste management service company, Healthcare Waste Management offers benefits such as:

HMW Takes Medical Waste Destruction Seriously

State and federal guidelines dictate that a generator is responsible for the guaranteed destruction of medical waste through a cradle-to-grave concept. Healthcare Medical Waste assists our clients by adding additional services to ensure that they comply with all requirements as well as have access to informational and educational elements:

Client Convenient Flexible Scheduling

Healthcare Medical Waste takes pride in working with our clients so that we accommodate scheduled pickups at their convenience. This is especially important now, when the pandemic has altered the volume of medical waste for many organizations. Clients can sign up for any of our standard pickups and feel comfortable contacting us to arrange a change in schedule:

Every client can be guaranteed that Healthcare Medical Waste will send trained drivers that our employees in trucks that we own to pick up their medical waste. The waste will be transported to destruction facilities that we also own. Once the medical waste is destroyed, HMW will supply clients with a confirmation manifest in case of audit proof.

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