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Regulated Medical Waste for Dental Offices

October 5, 2021

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Regulated Medical Waste for Dental Offices

Regulated Medical Waste for Dental Offices. Regulated medical waste (RMW) is any item in the waste stream that may cause a significant risk of infection transmission to humans, the community, and/or the environment. It is also known as “infectious waste” or “biohazard waste,” and most regulations and laws for handling, storage, and transport are set by individual states. Each state may have their own guidelines that involve environmental protection agencies, departments of health, and occupational safety agencies. Regulated medical waste is generated from a variety of sources including health organizations as well as laboratories, autopsy locations, tattoo parlors, and pharmacies. Dental practices generate RMW as they deal with patients that have potentially dangerous diseases. A majority of dental offices hire a licensed contract company for the safe removal and disposal of RMW, and there are varying requirements from states for the handling, storage, labeling, weight, recordkeeping, and management of containers for RMW.

Types of Dental Office RMW

Regulated Medical Waste for Dental Offices. Due to the fact that each state has its own definitions and regulation requirements, there may be quite a bit of difference from state to state on guidelines and organizations that need to be involved in RMW handling, storage, and disposal. These are the most commonly recognized RMW that dental offices generate:

Individual states have specific OSHA requirements (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) on the topic of staff training in identifying, handling, storage, and disposal of RMW. Every dental office is required to comply with federal and state laws regarding RMW, or face fines and penalties.

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