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Save on Medical Waste Disposal Services

October 4, 2021

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Save on Medical Waste [Infographic]

Save on Medical Waste: Medical Waste Disposal Savings

Save on Medical Waste Disposal Services

1. Location

The reason location plays a big factor in your medical waste disposal cost is.

Usually the further you are from a major metropolitan area, the more your service will cost.

Cost Saving Tip

If you have other companies in the same building or near you that need medical waste disposal, you can often save money by using the same service provider.

2. Frequency

How often the medical waste truck is coming to your facility is another big factor in your waste disposal cost.

Cost Saving Tip

Consider less frequent service. If you are getting weekly service for one box, ask what the price would be for four boxes once a month.

3. Company Type

All companies work on margins, what something cost vs. market value. When you are working with companies that must use other companies to complete your service, now you have two (or more) companies margins factored into your cost.

Cost Saving Tip

We have an infographic on the medical waste company types here: Medical Waste Companies – What You Need to Know.

4. Waste Types

Depending on the waste your facility produces, there may be a required way it has to be treated to be properly disposed. The cost varies based on the disposal method required.  

Save on Medical Waste: Cost Saving Tip

Properly segregated waste can help you save money. Unnecessarily treating regular waste as medical waste or medical waste as chemo waste can increase your waste disposal cost.

Other than the cost saving tips listed here, there is not much you can do about your facilities location or the type of waste that is generated. 

Your frequency and the type of medical waste company you decide to work with, could play a big role in the cost of your medical waste disposal services.

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