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Treating Infectious Waste

October 4, 2021

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Treating Infectious Waste

Treating Infectious Waste. There are specific methods designed to treat infectious waste so that the contents are no longer a threat to people, the community, animals, or the environment. The guidelines set up for each type of infectious waste involve safety protocols for storage types and safe elimination of anything that may be considered to be an agent or have come in contact with an agent that could be infectious to humans While there are federal guidelines, there are also additional state and local laws that must be complied with for the treatment of infectious waste. Each waste type is segregated and stored in specific container types so that they can be easily identified, treated, and disposed of properly. The containers/packaging of all infectious waste is typically color coded and contains a large external universal “biohazard” symbol. Unless there is a licensed treatment and disposal facility in-house, infectious waste is required to be picked up and disposed of by a licensed and certified medical waste disposal company.

Treating Infectious Waste. All facilities that have infectious wastes are responsible for the proper disposal, treatment and ultimate destruction of all items that could be or have been contaminated in a condition called “cradle to grave.” This means that each type of infectious waste must have a paper trail of confirmation of the type of destruction, even when picked up by a licensed, certified medical waste disposal company. The company is responsible for supplying validating that all infectious waste has been disposed of in compliance with local, state and federal guidelines.

Types of infectious waste treatments:

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