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Welcome to Our Blog

October 23, 2020

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Welcome To Our Blog

Humanity has undergone some amazing advances in modern healthcare. We have progressed from ancient beliefs where diseases were thought to be caused by evil spirits to recognition of the most minute details of bacteria and viruses. In the last number of decades sterilization processes have been catapulted in science to meet the interaction of our growing population, and this has led to the healthiest and cleanest cultural existence in our history. One of the critical aspects of these developments has been in the development of waste management in medical environments, and Healthcare Waste Management is here to address all of your questions.  

Many people may make the assumption that there are guidelines that are followed with the leftover hypodermic needle after you have received a shot. As a player in the industry, Healthcare Waste Management delves into these topics to inform and educate. HWM is committed to the reduction of waste and making sure that the community and environment are safe from infectious waste. One of our goals is to not only provide quality waste management services but to bring a sense of awareness that allows people to understand the kind of impact that all safety measures bring to enhance the safety and well-being of all.

Healthcare Waste Management may be the Midwest’s largest locally owned medical waste disposal company, but our philosophy involves working with our clients on a personal level. HWM concentrates on making sure that our clients are continually kept up-to-date on safety factors while bringing efficient and cost-effective their waste disposal services. For decades, HWM has offered significant savings as compared to industry standards while reducing the impact on the environment. We provide a full line of waste disposal services for the healthcare industry including: medical waste, pharmaceutical and RCRA waste disposal, as well as document destruction, and compliance and safety information and training.

Our hope is that you will use our blog to be aware of the health and safety precautions and actions that are needed for a non-infectious and sustainable work place and protection for the environment. We continually contribute new information to help you better understand what we do and how we can all participate in common goals that protect everyone.

We invite you to follow us and learn about the progress we make every day in the medical waste industry. 

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