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What Medical Waste Disposal Services Should You Be Using?

December 2, 2021

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What Medical Waste Disposal Services Should You Be Using?

What Medical Waste Disposal Services Should You Be Using? Medical facilities produce more biohazardous waste than any other industry, including chemical plants and mining operations.

This is because hospitals routinely deal with blood, bodily fluids, and used needles in addition to infectious agents. Medical facilities also receive a high volume of biomedical products such as IVs, catheters, surgical gowns, gloves, and gauze.

In order to keep your facility safe, it is important that you use a qualified provider for your medical waste disposal services.

There are many different types of providers to choose from that can offer various levels of service depending on your needs.

Medical waste disposal services are an important part of any medical facility’s operations. This type of service is necessary to properly dispose of used needles, infectious agents, and other biomedical products.

It is important for healthcare managers to choose the right medical waste disposal company for their needs. There are many different types of providers, including full-service companies, who can offer various levels of service depending on your needs.

Consider the following points before hiring a provider:

Types of Medical Waste Disposal Services

There are many types of medical waste disposal services available, and you can choose a service based on your specific needs.

Choosing the Right Provider

When it comes to medical waste disposal services, there are many different providers to choose from.

To help you make the best decision for your facility, here is a breakdown of the various types of providers that you can choose from.

A national provider is an established company with nationwide market share. They typically offer one-stop shopping, including waste collection and disposal.

A regional provider is an established company that will service many sates like the Midwest region, they often have large contracts with hospitals in your area and may service all hospitals in one or more counties. Regional providers typically provide full-service waste management, including collection and disposal at their own treatment facilities.

An independent provider provides hauling services and only hauls your waste from your facility to another facility that will treat your medical waste. They are typically a local or metro area company without the resources to treat the medical waste themselves.  


Medical waste disposal is a hazard to the health and safety of your facility. With any volume of contaminated waste, it is important to use a qualified provider to dispose of these items safely.

Here ate Healthcare Waste Management, we handle your waste from the moment it leaves your facility to when it is destroyed by our facility. Our trucks & our employees will pick up your waste, our disposal plant & employees will process your waste and we will send you a manifest when it is destroyed.

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