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Working Green

October 23, 2020

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Working Green

Ecological awareness requires that everyone participate in a common goal for the health of our planet. Healthcare Waste Management analyzes each of our actions and has made adjustments to accommodate changes that are the most environmentally-friendly possible. We have instituted the use of reusable sharps containers, design driving routes that are the most fuel-efficient, bring the safe disposal of all hazardous waste materials, and recycle/reuse in our office. Every step that we take involves the focus of environmental protection. Each of us can contribute in large and small ways that help to conserve and protect our natural resources and live a more sustainable life.

Here are a few things that you can do to be part of the green movement:

Turn the Power Off:

One of the easiest steps that you can take is to turn off the lights in rooms that aren’t being used. Reducing electrical use can contribute to a smaller eco-footprint.

Electronics Power Bars:

We live in a society that uses many forms of electronics. Using a power bar for the devices brings more efficient power use. Always make sure to turn the power bar off when not in use.

Use Energy Settings:

Many technology devices, especially computers, have energy settings that you can enable that reduces energy use.


A majority of our homes and offices have devices that are plugged in, even when we aren’t using them. Unplugging when not in use, especially things such as chargers and anything with blinking lights, lowers energy use.

Paper Reduction:

Printing on both sides can cut the amount of paper use in half and reduce paper waste. Less printing can also be enhanced through the use of sending information electronically instead of printing.

Stop Using Disposables:

Changing disposal habits to reusable products can include things like refillable ink cartridges, batteries, coffee filters, food storage, cloth towels, and even office air filters.

Supplies Made from Recycled Items:

There are now a lot of products on the market that are made from recycled materials. Change your buying to include such things as paper, pens, and folders.

Buy Eco-Friendly

More and more eco-sourced items are becoming common place. These are products that are made from renewable and sustainable sources. They can include bamboo, straw, and refurbished wood.

Stop Using Styrofoam:

Styrofoam is one of the most difficult products to recycle and fills up landfills. In addition, when used in a microwave, Styrofoam leaches chemicals into foods and drinks.

Waste-Free Lunches:

Encourage everyone to use reusable lunch bags, cups, glasses, and containers. Stop using the disposable smaller bottles of water and replace with pitchers of water for refills.

Recycle as Much as Possible:

Encourage recycling in every aspect of the office environment and coordinate with local waste management to pickup recycling containers as part of trash removal.

Be Aware and Proactive:

Act as an example of ecological awareness in your office. Encourage others and your company to take steps to be good stewards of the planet. Green strategies are easy to implement and it just requires being aware and making a few changes. Keep up with those companies that are participating in green efforts and talk about supporting them as part of your company’s movement in reducing your carbon footprint.

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