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How to Setup, Package, and Store Medical Waste

October 14, 2021

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How to Setup, Package, and Store Medical Waste

How to Setup, Package, and Store Medical Waste. For any organization that generates medical waste it is important to understand the requirements to stay in compliance with Federal, State, and Local laws and regulations. For the safety of your staff, and the transporters who will be picking up your waste.

The first step is the setup of your container, the container should be color-coded for the waste type that is being generated and placed at the point of generation.

There are many container types, we won’t be discussing them all, but we will cover how to setup the most common medical waste container, the biohazard box and bin.

The Biohazard Box

The biohazard box will come collapsed to save on storage room before using. To start using the biohazard box open the box making a square. Turn the box so the lettering on the box is upside down. We will start with what will be the bottom of the biohazard box.

The bottom of the box will have four flaps. Fold the two opposite sides of the box flaps the ones without printing on them inwards until they meet, take the two remaining flaps with printing on them and fold them over the two first flaps, seal the flaps down with packaging tape or biohazard tape.

Flip the box over so the writing on the box is right side up. Insert the red biohazard bag into the box and around the top flaps so the bag covers all of the top flaps down the side of the box.

Insert the biohazardous waste, included properly marked and sealed sharps containers into the biohazard box. When the biohazard bag is 3/4 s full it is time to prepare for shipment.

Remove the biohazard bag from the outside of the top box flaps, only touch the outside of the bag where possible. Take the bag and bring all sides together moving your hand down about ten inches on the top of the bag, twist the top of the bag until you have a rope type 10’ section. Then make a loop in the rope section and put the end of the rope in the loop, pull the end of the rope up while pushing down on the knot, pull tight at the end at this will seal the bag with what is called a top knot.

When tying knots on the bag do not use a bunny ear type knot as this does not effectively seal the bag and its contents.     

Now fold the top flaps without printing on them inwards until they meet, then fold the two flaps with printing on them over the first two flaps, seal with packaging or biohazard tape.

On the box there will be information to be completed usually, any other applicable waste types. Generator Name, Address, ID# and a spot for the label. Once completed the box is now ready for storage until the transporter can pick it up.

The bin will be completed the same way with exception to setting up the box, since they are in a ready to use state. When the bin is full you will tie the biohazard bag as above and secure the lid.

How to Package

  1. Use the right container for the waste being generated.
  2. Place the medical waste, in the container at the point of generation.
  3. Sharps containers can go in the biohazard box or bin when properly closed and sealed.   
  4. When the box or bin is 3/4 full tie the bag and seal the container.
  5. Complete required labeling on container.


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