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Medical Waste Pickup Services

August 18, 2021

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Medical Waste Pickup Services

Medical Waste Pickup Services. When it comes to your medical waste management program, in most small offices the storage area is limited, this is especially true in the single building community practice. Deciding how often should you schedule your medical waste pickup services can be the difference of a successful program.

In most cities and counties there are state and local laws regarding containment, storage, and disposal of medical waste.  The impacts of not properly identifying, storing, and transporting medical waste can be severe according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO has stated that “All individuals exposed to hazardous health-care waste are potentially at risk, including those within health-care establishments that generate hazardous waste, and those outside these sources who either handle such waste or are exposed to it as a consequence of careless management.”

The main groups at risk for accidental exposure are,

  1. Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare auxiliaries, and hospital maintenance personal.
  2. Patients of healthcare.
  3. Visitors of healthcare establishments.
  4. Workers in support services to healthcare establishments, laundries, transportation, waste handlers.
  5. Workers in waste disposal facilities, including landfills.

Because of the dangers associated with medical waste and the devasting effects it can have on human life, animals, and even the environment, it is important to hire an established medical waste company.

Remember, just because a company exist and advertises for medical waste services, it does not mean they are providing services according to the local, state, federal laws, and regulations.

While it is understandable price is a consideration when looking for a new medical waste vendor, it should not be the only consideration. When it comes to your medical waste, you want to make sure your waste is being disposed of according to current laws and regulations.

You will want to make sure you have hired a reputable and responsible company, and here is why.

A few short years ago there was a medical waste disposal company advertising $20.00 a box disposal services. As it turns out they were not treating the medical waste, they simply stored it on trailers.

When the various local, state, and federal agencies got a hold of them, they had 12 trailer loads of unprocessed medical waste that had been stockpiled for over a year on the company’s property. The state laws prohibit the storage of medical wastes beyond 30 days.

This company was issued one of the state’s largest fines ever issued to a medical waste service company, and today Google says that company is Permanently closed.

Medical waste is best left to an established professional management company that deals with medical waste daily. Healthcare Waste Management has been providing medical waste management services for decades and serves thousands of customers across the Midwest.

With our headquarters and our own treatment plants based out of Gary, Indiana and Wausau, Wisconsin, and multiple satellite offices across the Midwest, we are strategically located to best serve our clients old and new.

With one short phone call we will learn about your practice or business, the waste that you produce and recommend the best solution based on price, volume, and frequency. Contact HWM today at 888-427-5797.

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