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What is a Medical Waste Manifest?

October 14, 2021

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What is a Medical Waste Manifest?

What is a Medical Waste Manifest? The medical waste manifest is a result of the Medical Waste Tracking Act of 1988. The manifest system is a system utilizing a tracking form for monitoring the movement of medical waste from its point of generation to ultimate treatment, destruction, and disposal.

The generators bear the responsibility for reporting any waste that is shipped off-site. The paper trail established through the use of a multi-copy tracking form confirms the physical delivery of the waste to transporters, storage and treatment facilities. This effectively creates a chain of custody for the medical waste generated at any facility.

How the Manifest Tracking Form Works

The tracking form must be prepared when the medical waste is transported off-site. The generator must obtain a copy of the medical waste tracking form, sign, and date the tracking form. The generator must also make certain the medical waste is properly segregated, packaged, labeled, and marked before releasing the medical waste to the transporter.

The generator must obtain the signature of the transporter and date of acceptance of the medical waste on all copies of the tracking form before releasing the medical waste to the transporter.

The generator must retain one copy of the tracking form with dates and signatures and then give the remaining copies of the tracking form to the initial transporter.

From there the transporter will take the medical waste to a treatment plant, the treatment plant will also sign and date the manifest when receiving the medical waste and give a copy to the transporter, the treatment plant then retains the remaining copies of the medical waste form and when the processing of the medical waste has been completed the treatment plant will sign and date the completed form and the generator should receive a copy of the completed medical waste tracking form or manifest within 35 days.

The copies of the manifest need to be retained for inspection by governing authorities for three years, some states may have additional or different regulations. It is always best to check with your local authorities to make sure you are complying with the laws and regulations of your state and county.

The Journey of the Medical Waste Manifest  

This outlines or provides a chain of custody for that medical waste from generation to destruction, it includes every step of the way and where that waste went, including where it was destroyed.

Final Thoughts

The medical waste manifest is one of the most important processes in disposing of your medical waste. It is important to understand when you are looking for a medical waste disposal services, how that process works with the potential vendor you are speaking with. Unless you want to spend countless hours tracking down medical waste manifest.

The best-case scenario is when the medical waste disposal company that picks up your waste also owns the destruction plants where the medical waste is destroyed, then there are only two companies involved in handling your manifest, your company, and the medical waste company that picks up the waste and then destroys it.

The worse-case scenario is when there are many companies involved, then the medical waste manifest has a greater opportunity to get lost or delayed in the shuffle.

Ask a potential vendor these questions to determine how many companies will be involved in your medical waste manifest or tracking form. The best answer is two – your generating facility, and only the medical waste disposal company you are speaking with.

  1. Will your company be picking up my waste directly or through a third-party hauler?
  2. Do you directly employ with a W2, the drivers that come into my facility?
  3. What are the names of every company that will be on my completed manifest?
  4. Do you own your own treatment plants that will destroy my medical waste?

Here at Healthcare Waste Management, we directly employ the drivers, own equip, and maintain the trucks that haul the medical waste and own the destruction plants that treat your medical waste.

 Contact one of our friendly staff today to see how we can help manage your medical waste at 888-427-5797.

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