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Mansfield, OH Medical Waste Disposal

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Medical Waste Disposal Mansfield

Mansfield Medical Waste Disposal

Those who are in need of medical waste pickup in the Mansfield area are in the right place. We at HWM are proud to provide services for any sized facility, from a small family care practice to the largest surgery centers. We offer the same low prices at the same high quality. Along with our pickup services we also provide online compliance training for OSHA, HHS and more for those in need. Also we have secure shredding services for products, paper or hard drives.

Keeping Prices Low

Medical waste is the least important part of treating a patient and we believe the prices should reflect that. We understand that with the money you have to pay some medical waste ellipsoidal companies you could treat more patients, or buy new technology, or anything more important. That’s why we have taken great steps to ensure that our costs stay low, and in fact this step is something many other companies aren’t willing to do. This step is actually owning the facility we destroy your waste at. This means we aren’t the middleman between your waste and it’s final destruction, we do the work ourselves and pass those savings on to you.

Mansfield, Ohio

Mansfield has always been fertile farming land and because of this and the early construction of railroads in the 1800s the city quickly became a large manufacturing hub in the state. However, manufacturing all across the US saw declines and the cities economy had to adjust. Retail, education and healthcare are the largest economic generators in the city these days. The city has a modern population of 48,000 people and has the nickname The Fun Center of Ohio.


Benefits of Using Healthcare Waste Management’s Mansfield, OH Medical Waste Disposal Services

As the name suggest we are a complete management team of your healthcare medical, biohazard, sharps and other wastes that is regulated. From pickup to destruction, we are the only company that handles your waste

  • We own the waste from pickup to destruction, no middleman, means no hidden cost.
  • Our state-of-the-art processing plants ensure the waste is disposed of as quickly and effectively as possible, with minimum impact to the environment.
  • With us it is our drivers, our trucks, our processing plants and our insurance. You can imagine the insurance one must have when they own their own processing plants.

Mansfield, OH About

Mansfield is a city in and the county seat of Richland County, Ohio, United States. Located midway between Columbus and Cleveland via Interstate 71, it is part of Northeast Ohio and North-central Ohio regions in the western foothills of the Allegheny Plateau. The city lies approximately 65 miles northeast of Columbus, 65 miles southwest of Cleveland and 91 miles southeast of Toledo.

Healthcare Waste Management

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Mansfield, OH Resources

Mansfield City Hall

30 N Diamond St
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
(419) 755-9632

Mansfield Police Department

30 N Diamond St
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
(419) 522-1234

Mansfield Fire Department

30 N Diamond St
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
(419) 755-9814

OhioHealth Mansfield Hospital

335 Glessner Ave
Mansfield, Ohio 44903
(419) 526-8000

Akron Children’s Hospital

1029 S Trimble Rd
Mansfield, Ohio 44906
(419) 529-6285

Medical Service Company

92 N Diamond St
Mansfield, Ohio 44902
(419) 522-9900

Mansfield, OH Interesting Information

Mansfield is located directly between Columbus and Cleveland, however, the city lies in the western foothills of the Allegheny Plateau, and its elevation is among the highest of Ohio cities. Mansfield is bordered by Madison Township to the east, northwest and southwest, Franklin Township to the north, Weller Township to the northeast, Washington Township to the south, Troy Township to the southwest, Springfield Township and the suburban city of Ontario to the west.

Ohio Medical Waste Disposal Service Area

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