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Newark, OH Medical Waste Disposal

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Medical Waste Disposal Newark

Newark, like everywhere else in the United States, has facilities that generate medical waste. Unlike some other companies, no matter the size of your facility or how much waste it generates we are here to serve you. It doesn’t matter if you generate 1000 pounds a day or 1 pound a month, we can work with you to figure out a pickup schedule that works. We also provide super high quality shredding, online training and pharmaceutical pickup services at the same low prices.

Keeping Prices Low

The truth is a lot of medical waste disposal companies understand you are required to have your medical waste picked up and they take advantage of this fact by charging exorbitant prices. We know the importance of medical practices, we know you have better things to spend your money on than waste pickup, and we are happy to accommodate practices with the lowest prices we can at the highest quality service. We take several steps to achieve this including using reusable waste containers and having intelligent truck routing to make sure we aren’t driving more than necessary.

Newark, Ohio

The Native Americans in the area along with European traders and hunters have known about the Newark area since before the 1800s, but in 1802 the first European American settlers arrived and named the town after their home in New Jersey. In the mid 1800s after the construction of the railroad that runs through Newark was finished the town had a pop of growth. Today the city is the 20th largest city in the state and has a population of nearly 50,000 people.

Healthcare Systems

There are two main hospitals that serve Newark, both of which are amazing. The first is the Licking Memorial Hospital on West Main Street and then there is the Select Specialty Hospital on Tamarack Road. Licking was founded in the late 1800s and opened with only nine beds. Today the hospital employs over 2,000 people including more than 200 physicians.


Benefits of Using Healthcare Waste Management’s Newark, OH Medical Waste Disposal Services

As the name suggest we are a complete management team of your healthcare medical, biohazard, sharps and other wastes that is regulated. From pickup to destruction, we are the only company that handles your waste

  • We own the waste from pickup to destruction, no middleman, means no hidden cost.
  • Our state-of-the-art processing plants ensure the waste is disposed of as quickly and effectively as possible, with minimum impact to the environment.
  • With us it is our drivers, our trucks, our processing plants and our insurance. You can imagine the insurance one must have when they own their own processing plants.

Newark, OH About

Newark is a city in and the county seat of Licking County, Ohio, United States, 33 miles east of Columbus, at the junction of the forks of the Licking River. The population was 47,573 at the 2010 census, which makes it the 20th largest city in Ohio. It is the site of much of the Newark Earthworks, a major ancient complex built by the Hopewell culture. The Great Circle portion and additional burial mounds are located in the neighboring city of Heath, Ohio.

Healthcare Waste Management

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Newark, OH Resources

Licking County Chamber Of Commerce

50 W Locust St
Newark, Ohio 43055
(740) 345-9757

Newark Police Department

39 S 4th St
Newark, Ohio 43055
(740) 670-7200

Newark City Fire Department

1140 Hollander St
Newark, Ohio 43055
(740) 670-7600

Licking Memorial Hospital

1320 W Main St
Newark, Ohio 43055
(220) 564-4000

Select Specialty Hospital

2000 Tamarack Rd
Newark, Ohio 43055
(220) 564-2600

Newark VA Clinic

1855 W Main St
Newark, Ohio 43055
(740) 788-8329

Newark, OH Interesting Information

In terms of population, Newark, Ohio is the second-largest Newark in the United States, after Newark, New Jersey. Newark, Ohio is part of the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. he Newark Earthworks, designated a National Historic Landmark, have been preserved to document and interpret the area’s significant ancient history. The earthworks cover several square miles and about 206 acres.

Ohio Medical Waste Disposal Service Area

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