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Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal for Healthcare

Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal for Healthcare

Medical waste disposal management

Compliance with the litany of local, state, and federal laws and guidelines for pharmaceutical waste can be overwhelming for a busy pharmacy. However, to comply with the laws pharmacies are required to know and understand all of the requirements for their waste handling and disposal for both hazardous and non-hazardous materials. As a generator, pharmacies are held accountable for ensuring the safety of the public and the environment with proper waste disposal in what is called the “cradle-to-grave” concept. Contracting with a licensed and knowledgeable medical waste disposal company such as Healthcare Waste Management will ensure all pharmaceutical waste is disposed up properly.

The Four Key Elements for Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal

Understanding the Pharmacy Industry

As a premier medical waste disposal company, HWM sets high standards in understanding the pharmacy environment. Our professional staff can act as consultants to help clarify the laws and guidelines for pharmacy employees so that the chaos of the day doesn’t supercede the protection required for pharmaceutical waste disposal. We will work with a pharmacy to assist in establishing some easy methods that offer safety such as point of generation disposal. Contacting with one company that takes care of all of the needs of pharmacy waste disposal is a smart move, ensures compliance, and is cost-effective.

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