Protecting What Matters: The Benefits of "Pierce-and-Tear" Shredding

If you’re a business owner, medical or healthcare professional, or work at a similar facility, you know by now the importance of having secure document destruction services. By securely shredding your documents, you give your patients, customers, employees, and other staff that peace of mind that their important personal information is secure. Once you determine the necessity of this service, you can then determine a secure shredding vendor, and what kind of services they offer.

“Pierce-and-Tear” shredding is a method that first pierces the paper and then tears it apart using rotating blades. The end result is one in which no two pieces of paper are exactly the same. This is a much safer method in comparison to the traditional stripe method, where documents are shredded into clean horizontal or vertical strips. By using the method, total security can be guaranteed, document destructionas the pieces are much smaller and indistinguishable.

By using the pierce-and-tear method of shredding, Healthcare Waste Management and ShredPro can guarantee security from start to finish. By having a secure service for document shredding, you can have total peace of mind that you are protecting yourself and your facility. You also protect your reputation, keep costs down, and reduce waste in an environmentally friendly way by using secure document destruction services. Contact a Healthcare Waste Management representative today to learn more about our 100% safe and secure document destruction services. Protect what matters!