Secure Information Disposal

How to make sure your organization securely disposes of personal information and is in compliance with document destruction laws:

With sensitive information coming in and out of medical practices, healthcare facilities, and large organizations on a daily basis, it’s more crucial than ever to have a secure information destruction service. Having large amounts of personal information is an unavoidable reality for healthcare services. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 32 states have established laws to require entities to destroy personal information so that it is “unreadable or undecipherable,” (NCSL). Additionally, the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 (FACTA) is a federal law designed to reduce the risk of Identity Theft that could happen by improper disposal of consumer documentation.

paper-shreddingAnother more recent mandate is the “Red Flags Rule” implemented by the Federal Trade Commission. This law requires reporting of any suspicious activity that could end in identity theft. For more information on this specific regulation, visit

With these laws in place, your organization could face penalties and potential law suits if you are not in compliance.  Healthcare Waste Management can help your organization stay on the correct side of the law. By picking up your medical waste and secure documentation in one pick-up, HWM saves you time and money.

It starts with having a process in place that goes beyond just routine housekeeping. Next, having a reliable partner handle the personal documents and private information reduces the cost of storing it on-site. Most importantly, it protects the privacy of valued clients, customers, and patients. Considering the risks involved, it is crucial to have the cooperation of the entire organization as well as a trusted partner for disposal.

Our extensive line of services now includes high quality cabinets as well as secure document destruction at one low price. Our staff will handle your document destruction with the same safety and security you have come to expect from HWM. Contact us today for your specialized customer-loyalty pricing.