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Secure Document Destruction


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Secure Document & Data Destruction

Security in today’s business world incorporates a broader landscape of sources than ever before. Companies maintain information in both document and digital form, requiring an expansion to ensure that all proprietary data is protected. The increased government regulations required to secure information from identity theft has meant that organizations must adopt new and innovative methods for Secure Document Destruction through the use of professional companies such as SHREDDRS that eliminate any source that may be a security threat to help to ensure privacy and protection.

Fraud perpetrated by criminals can expose a business to lawsuits, financial ruin, government fines, and the loss of reputation. Using a professional Secure Document Destruction company such as SHREDDRS will help to ensure the security of business, client, and personal information security. Many of the reasons that documents and technologies end up in the hands of thieves and cybercriminals is that people still don’t understand the complexities of the devices and the lengths that perpetrators will go to with their desire to steal valuable data.

Companies now consider data security as part of the cost of doing business. This topic includes every aspect from their network, employee cybersecurity training, and firewalls to the decisions to securely maintain and destroy all product forms that may contain sensitive and proprietary data. The professionals at SHREDDRS are part of the consideration for total security for documents and all technologies that house information. SHREDDRS works with our clients to assist and educate so that they are compliant with laws while also making sure that all items that we pick up are completely destroyed.

Secure Paper Shredding

In the past, companies used in-house shredders to destroy paper documents. Almost all of these shredders were the “strip cut” type that rendered a page into single strips. These strips were then discarded in the standard trash or even recycling bins that could easily be picked up by criminals who would reassemble them into readable documents. While this process was originally labor-intensive, the desire for theft was so great that some created computer programs that would speed up the process to match the strips and quickly recreate a document, exposing critical proprietary information.

The 2019 statistics on identity theft has shown that 14.4 million consumers, around 1 in 15 individuals, fell prey as a victim of some form of identity fraud. In the U.S. the number of adults that have experienced identity theft is over twice the average of the rest of the world at 33%. For those aged 55 and over, the stats indicate that 1 in 4 adults are identity theft victims. Criminals have been so successful that 1 in 5 victims have experienced identity theft more than one time. Children in the U.S. have been a focus for identity theft fraud with over 1 million victims in 2017. The I.R.S. (Internal Revenue Service) has established a requirement of those that report identity theft to use an assigned P.I.N. (personal identification number) that changes every year for tax filing. Children will be required to use a P.I.N.  for the rest of their lives.

The federal government has created a series of laws designed to required businesses to protect customer and client information as well as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act that includes protection of private patient data. Failure to comply to secure this information can result in high level fines.

SHREDDRS takes Secure Document Destruction seriously. Our drivers arrive at your business location and set your organization up with secure locking cabinets or large document carts for safe storage of your documents until they are removed. We work with you to create a schedule that allows our certified professionals to arrive and remove the documents for shredding at our own treatment facility. SHREDDRS assumes full responsibility for the safety and protection of your documents the moment that we pick them up and guarantee their destruction. We only use our own drivers and staff and will never send a third-party vendor to remove your documents.

SHREDDRS makes use of state-of-the-art shredding technology known as “piece and tear” shredding. This is the most secure method of document shredding. The process renders the documents into indistinguishable pieces, where no two pieces are the same. We make things easy for our clients as they can dump their documents into the secure bins, even if they have paperclips.

Hard Drive Destruction

The thought of putting the words of “hard drive” and “destruction” together is almost unthinkable for most people. We devote incredible energy and time to maintaining the integrity of our computer hard drives and the idea of destroying them goes against how we function. However, when a computer reaches end-of-life, many companies turn to simply deleting files and folders from a hard drive and then either donating the devices or selling them for salvage. What they don’t realize is that their information is still on the computer and can be easily accessed by those that are computer savvy. This form of breach is one of the simplest as criminals look for these computers, knowing that total data destruction is rare. Theft of proprietary information, client and/or patient data is as easy as adding new “start and stop” codes to the files and data through the use of data recovery software. Cybercriminals are experts at breaking encryptions and stealing anything that they think will be useful to them.

An experiment conducted by the Blancco Technology Group involved analyzing 200 hard drives that were purchased online on websites such as Craigslist and eBay. They found that 67% of the hard drives had information that was recoverable, including PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This data includes social security numbers, names, and addresses. 11% of the hard drives purchased had company data that was recovered that included records for customer relationship management, spreadsheets, sensitive data, and company emails. Without taking proper precautions in the correct methods of data destruction, individuals and businesses were simply handing all their information over to criminals.

There are a variety of methods that can be used to get rid of data on a hard drive. Formatting the drive removes the operating system but the data itself is still there, waiting to be overwritten. Formatting makes the job of a thief more difficult, but they can add an operating system and then use sophisticated software to begin reinstating old files and folders. Total physical destruction of a hard drive is one of the few guaranteed ways to make sure no one will ever have access to any of the information that it contained.

SHREDDRS is a professional company that specializes in knowing how to destroy the information on hard drives. Deleting and even erasing is no longer an acceptable method to ensure the security of your proprietary information. Compliance with federal laws require that an organization is responsible for the security of customer and patient data. SHREDDRS sends our drivers to pickup your hard drives, taking full responsibility from the moment that we remove them. We transport them with complete security to our company-owned facility where they will be destroyed by tearing them into unusable pieces. We guarantee the safety and destruction of your hard drives so that your company does not have to worry about data theft.

Product Destruction

There are circumstances where an organization has products that do not fall under traditional shredding guidelines. This is especially true in an age where we are using many different technologies and device types for maintaining information. From cell phones, and tablets to USBs, we rely on many formats to communicate, transmit, and save data. Even the copier that we use in offices has a memory card that contains the information of every document that has been processed through it. Each of these methods holds the potential for a breach and they must be given the same serious destruction treatment as any other device.

Product destruction can also include recalled items or anything a company does not want to get into the consumers hands for a multitude of reasons, recalled products and expired products are just a few examples.

Hackers and thieves are highly motivated to access data on many of the products that companies often place as lower priorities. A 2019 study done by Varonis found that of the 785 global organizations in thirty countries and over 30 industries that they analyzed, 53% of the companies had over 1,000 sensitive files exposed to all their employees with an average of 17 million files accessible by every employee.

53% of companies found over 1,000 sensitive files exposed to all employees On average, every employee had access to over 17 million files. When you extrapolate that data over the number of devices that could hold some of this information it becomes obvious that they are ripe for theft. This is especially true for what is referred to as “stale data” which relates to users that are no longer employees but whose access is still active. Organizations typically don’t have the time or staff to accomplish regular audits on all of the various technology products that are used and these often go to the wayside for security consideration and are either reassigned or thrown out.  Even those companies that took precaution with passwords were found to have passwords that remained static and never expired.

SHREDDRS is designed to take on all types of products for destruction to ensure the security of your business. Our professional staff will coordinate a secure pickup of these products and transport them to our facility where they will be destroyed beyond recognition or use. We guarantee that your products will be safe from the moment that we pick them up. SHREDDRS decreases a company’s risk for a breach and helps to make sure of compliance and security.

X-Ray Card Destruction

The medical industry must comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines for the protection of personal and private patient information. This law encompasses all types of devices and products that contain PHI (personal health information). X-ray films contain personal health information and need to be considered a priority for destruction. In addition, x-rays contain metals such as silver that can contribute to environmental contamination if allowed to enter the standard waste mainstream. 

Federal laws indicate that facilities need to maintain health records for specific time durations: 7 years for adults and 18 years for minors. However, there are additional laws that may differ per state. Items such as x-ray films and cards are part of the medical record history and are retained with the same security as all other medical records. There are several medical image types for various procedures and techniques that use different technologies including: CT (computed tomography), fluoroscopy, and radiography, conventional x-ray including mammography. Each modality creates x-ray cards and films that need to be destroyed once they have reached the retention time limit.

SHREDDRS has a comprehensive destruction process for x-ray products and related materials that is, in compliance with state and federal laws. Our trained and professional drivers coordinate with your organization for specific pickup schedules and transport the items to our own facility where they will be destroyed. SHREDDRS ensures that no chemicals that cause environmental harm enters any landfill.  We take full responsibility from the moment that the pickup is complete to finality of destruction and supply certificates of destruction to our clients for all of our Secure Document Destruction processes.  

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