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4 Reasons You Need Secure Document Destruction

October 23, 2020

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Thinking about getting secure document destruction services?

4 Reasons You Need Secure Document Destruction. While we may be in the digital age, there are still organizations that maintain their sensitive information and date in document form. Criminals are aware that these documents contain information that they can use, and it becomes critical for businesses, medical offices, and health organizations to have secure document destruction.

Here are the top 4 Reasons You Need Secure Document Destruction:

1} Legal ramifications:

This may be the top reason as the law defines the requirement of an organization to maintain the safety and protection of patient, client, and customer information. Using a professional and secure document destruction company guarantees “safe shredding” as a method to be in compliance with the laws. Lack of compliance can not only result in fees that are levied but a multitude of lawsuits by those that may be affected by a breach.

2} Sustainability:

Safe and secure shredding of sensitive documents is an added benefit for the environment. The resulting safe-shredded material can be recycled in an ecologically-friendly manner. While it is against the law to not protect the safety of the documents, simply throwing them away can also cause a negative impact on the environment. The Healthcare Waste Management document destruction process ensures that you know all of the documents have been both destroyed and moved to a recycled and eco-friendly use.

3} Reliability:

Healthcare Waste Management has a reputation of being both reliable and trustworthy. Safely disposing of documents ensures that you are protecting your clients, patients, and customers as well as the destruction of any personal/proprietary company information. Using our secure shredding process, you can have peace of mind that you are protecting yourself and others from potential theft.

4} Financial:

The monetary costs that are involved in fines, fees, and lawsuits for not properly destroying documents can be enough to bring a business down. Using the Healthcare Waste Management safe-shredding services is a cost-effective way to ensure the safety of pertinent and private information. We provide industrial-sized shredders that destroy documents in minutes and result in shredded pieces that are too small to ever attempt at reading.

Gone are the days of paying employees to take hours to shred documents onsite. When you use secure document destruction you are being proactive in protecting everyone and complying with the laws.

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