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5 Workplace Habits to Avoid a Data Security Breach

October 23, 2020

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5 Workplace Habits to Avoid a Data Security Breach

5 Workplace Habits to Avoid a Data Security Breach. The first half of 2019 saw over 3,800 publicly reported data breaches with 4.1 billion records exposed. This is a 54% increase over the first six months of 2018 and demonstrates that cyber criminals are increasing their efforts. Personal and private patient records at healthcare facilities is one of the top three industries that suffer from data breaches, and those that steal the information know the value on locations such as the dark web. Analysis of breach methods have shown that there is a percentage of the breaches that have occurred due to poor workplace habits which includes maintaining the security of documentation. Security of patient data is not only a priority, but there are laws that require steps to be taken to maintain all data and documents so that they are safe from those that could steal them.

Five easy habits to avoid a data breach can include:

5 Workplace Habits to Avoid a Data Security Breach

1} Replace standard desk waste baskets with designated “shredding” and “recycling” bins and educate staff on the importance of putting high security documents in the “shredding” bin. This practice not only assists in ensuring that private/confidential information is shredded, it also helps in an organizations ecological efforts.

2} All printers should be on a secure network and wireless printers are password protected. According to studies that have been done, some security breaches have occurred when wireless printers were on an unsecure network, allowing hackers to access the memory cards in the printers which contain copies of everything that was printed.

3} Take security steps when getting rid of old technology devices that are no longer needed. In many cases devices are either too old or experience end-of-life and are discarded. Every device contains important data and can be a security breach threat if accessed by the wrong individuals. Use a trustworthy data destruction company to remove and/or destroy the confidential information that is contained on these devices.

4} Never leave confidential information out in plain view. Maintaining a clean/tidy desk area by filing or proper disposal of high priority documents not only keeps the documents safe, but ensures that your organization is complying with various laws so that people don’t have access to the information.

5} Use a licensed and certified secure shredding service company shred all of the confidential documents. Staffers can take their “shredding” bins to a main shredding bin and a professional document shredding company will pickup and dispose of the documents with a secure shredding process. Healthcare Waste Management provides a service that is safe, affordable, and cost-effective. Our drivers and staff are trained so that you can have peace of mind knowing that all critical documents have been destroyed and the resulting material recycled.

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