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Automotive Dealerships Shredding Programs

October 15, 2021

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Automotive Dealerships Shredding Programs

Automotive Dealerships Shredding Programs. Automotive dealerships collect private and personal information from their customers for purchase and/or vehicle leasing. They are required by law to ensure that this data is safely maintained and to comply with FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Privacy Rule as well as the Gramm-Leach-Bilily Act. Another of the regulations that is high priority is the Disposal Rule which requires that all businesses that make use of consumer reports need to protect against “unauthorized access to or use of the information” by disposing of them properly. A majority of auto dealerships adhere to the law by contracting with a licensed and certified waste management company such as Healthcare Waste Management to arrange for a shredding program. Customers are also more apt to do business with an automotive dealership that takes extra steps in securing their personal information.

Regular Shredding Schedule

Some automotive dealerships have larger volumes of confidential documents that need to be shredded, while other dealerships may not have the volume but feel more comfortable having sensitive documents shredded and removed. Partnering with Healthcare Waste Management allows our professional staff to coordinate the most convenient day and time for our trucks to arrive so that our certified drivers can pickup the containers at your premises and ensure that they are securely shredded. Since business traffic often experiences increases, flexibility in the schedule is important.

One-Time Document Purges

Whether a dealership has decided to get rid of years’ worth of documents that have been taking up costly storage space, are converting paper to digital, or have just put off having documents shredded, there are times that an automotive dealership has a one-time purge for shredding that is out of the norm. Healthcare Waste Management specialists will work with a dealership, sending our trucks and drivers to the location that contains the documents. Using high technology shredding systems all paper will be reduced to a product that is in finite pieces.

A Combination of Shredding Programs

Dealerships should never feel that they are limited to only two types of document shredding programs. The best waste management companies such as Healthcare Waste Management make shredding program services available in an ad-hoc manner to accommodate the needs of automotive dealerships. Whether a dealer wants to have multiple larger purge shredding schedules or establish a standard schedule, Healthcare Waste Management offers peace of mind that fits the need.

Certification of Disposal

Certification of proper disposal and hiring a qualified firm for the disposal of documents that are sensitive are two of the requirements of federal government laws for automotive dealerships. Healthcare Waste Management is a licensed and trained waste disposal company and works with our clients to supply written certification for all shredding. Our professional staff works with our automotive dealer clients to assist in complying with the GLB Safeguards rule security plan. Healthcare Waste Management staff can offer guidance in the methods and manners used in an automotive dealership environment to ensure that all private, sensitive, and confidential information is secured properly.

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